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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shilpa Shetty, the housewife

If you were wondering where Shilpa Shetty had disappeared all this time only to suddenly be back in the limelight, she has been busy for the past year or so, setting up home after her love marriage to businessman Raj Kundra.

“After I got married, I decided to design the house and renovating kept me busy for almost a year or so,” she says.

Shilpa also candidly reveals who runs what department at home. “When it comes to taking decisions about things at home, the reins of the home ministry are held by me. Raj is the finance minister undoubtedly, so when it comes to signing the cheques, it has to be my darling hubby Raj,” she laughs.

Now, after staying away from the silver screen for a year, Shilpa returns in a film titled Desire, produced by mother Sunanda Shetty. The film had been delayed because of a financial crisis. Then, Sunanda heard the story and excited with the intriguing tale, decided to take on the responsibility of completing the film. “Actually, I was really surprised that my mom was the one who fell for this story. I tried a bald look for my character Gautami and the first one who saw it was mom who turned speechless. She did not expect me to look so stunning even in that bald look,” says Shilpa.

Talking about her character in the film, Shilpa says, “Gautami is a strong person who decides to realise her dream of dancing. She is not like me in real life. I am strong too in but I will also consider the wishes of my family. Gautami does not believe in love. She is cynical about love but I cannot live without love. I enjoy being loved by my family members, friends and now my hubby. Moreover, being in any kind of relationship, love plays an important role. Without the right amount of love and care, no relationship is worth it,” she says.

One relationship that has been worth it is the one with her parents and sister Shamita. “I am happy that my parents have taught us the simple, disciplined way of living and so we have been able to be successful in our lives. As our culture teaches us to be loving, caring and sharing towards one and all, similarly I have been taught to care for not only my younger sis but to take care of the entire family,” she says.

Shilpa also adds that she is very proud of her parents and has learnt many things from her mother. “I still remember my mom would deck up nicely, especially with her big red bindi and wait for my dad to return from work. She was also very conscious about maintaining her health. She would tell me, ‘I dress up for myself and I also like to keep healthy and keep my kids and family healthy too.’ Now I am 36 while mom has turned 62 and I keep having health problems but touchwood, mom is always hale and hearty,” says Shilpa.

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