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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor make up

Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor have finally decided to put past differences aside and try to be friends.

While Preity has gone public with her praises for the Bodyguard actress via a social networking site, Kareena too chose to compliment Preity on her sweet and genuine nature.

Preity tweeted: Just saw BODYGUARD! Salman U n Kareena Rock! Its FAB & the action is AMAZING ! All da best This one is full Paisa Vasool :)

The gesture obviously comes a surprise, since it was Preity who had once at a Diwali party hosted by Akshay Kumar in 2008, snubbed Kareena publicly. In fact, the rivalry started when an unsuspecting Zinta commented on the 'new lot of actresses' in those days - a list that included Kareena.

The rivalry intensified when Preity was chosen for Karan Johar's Kal Ho Na Ho, to play a role that was initially offered to Kareena. A war of words followed between the actresses. In fact, on Karan Johar's chat show, Kareena made it clear that she was not too fond of Preity. Preity on the other hand, said that Kareena only acknowledged her in Karan's presence.

Both actresses seem to have moved on from their warring days. On Sunday night, Preity was a part of Salman Khan's exclusive show of Bodyguard at YRF Studios. On Monday morning, the actress praised both the lead actors Salman and Kareena for their performances in the film. Needless to say, Kareena is rather pleased with this gesture.

When contacted, Kareena said, "I am really flattered with Preity's compliment. She is really sweet and very genuine as a person. She always speaks her mind so I know whatever she wrote was heartfelt.

Piracy check for Bodyguard

Just days before the highly anticipated Salman Khan-starrer " Bodyguard" hit 70mm screens, Reliance Entertainment, one of the producers of the movie and its distributor, hit out in a big way against the piracy industry.

The company obtained a John Doe order from the Delhi High Court restricting websites, cable operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other organisations and individuals, from infringing upon the movie's copyright by illegally streaming or copying it. This essentially means that in no way can anyone illegally copy the movie. And as far as physical piracy (pirated DVDs) is concerned, the movie's team is conducting across all known piracy hubs in the country, including Delhi's notorious Palika Bazaar.

The movie's producer Atul Agnihotri told DT, "We have found a few thousand jackets of the movie that have already been printed and realised that this can kill the prospect of a movie. Therefore, the step to nip piracy in the bud was imperative." Sanjay Tandon, VP, anti piracy at Reliance Entertainment, agreed with Agnihotri and told us, "We've taken a pre-emptive measure by getting this order. While we know of certain entities that do this, we do not know of many others who indulge in such acts. This order ensures that whenever we catch someone, we don't have to get into the rigmarole of filing a civil case. We can simply seek punishment, which ranges between one week to three years of imprisonment, along with fine ranging between `50,000 and `2,00,000."

Earlier too, Reliance had sought the same order during the release of the Ajay Devgn starrer "Singham", with a view to minimise losses through piracy. Says Tandon, "In the case of "Singham", it was pirated 40% less than it would have been, had we not taken the order. For "Bodyguard", we are hoping to cut down piracy by 50-60%. Piracy cannot be eradicated, but it certainly can be curtailed. For the same reason, we are conducting extensive raids across the country at known piracy hubs."

The step taken by the producers of "Bodyguard" comes in the wake of the severe piracy that has impacted Bollywood in recent times. Unofficial figures estimate the worth of the industry at `4,000 crore. To deal with it, last year, director Sajid Khan had announced that his movie "Housefull" was being released with an in-built anti-piracy software. Anti-piracy raids were also conducted at the time of the release of "I Hate Luv Storys", since the movie lost `20 lakh to piracy in its opening weekend.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I am not an exhibitionist: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor are probably the only heroines who haven't debuted on the cyberspace!

We quizzed Katrina as to what's keeping her from interacting with her fans.

"I'd love to. However I don't believe in holding onto something. People love me today and I know it. I cherish their love for me in my heart although I am not an exhibitionist. Actors do post pictures of their fans on networking sites but I don't do all that. I don't want to hold onto something by keeping pictures etc. I'd rather just remember it and kept it in my heart. I am not expressive either. I like to keep to myself" said Katrina.

Seems like Katrina fans will have to wait a bit longer before they could interact with her online.

Dirty Dancing should get dirtier!

Choreographers talk about the remake of the iconic film that had the youth grooving in the 80s, making (I've Had) The Time of My Life an anthem

Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze created magic in the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing. So the announcement that a remake is in the works, is arousing interest among moviegoers and dance lovers. The film shocked the people of it's time by introducing dance moves that were deemed 'inappropriate.' Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original's iconic numbers, has been called in to direct the remake. Desi choreographers react to the news.

Getting experimental on the dance floor
Choreographer Longinus Fernandes aka Longi says, "I am thrilled to know that they are remaking Dirty Dancing. I would love to see more elaborate dance styles like the Pasodoble, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and Tango in the dance sequences. They should raise the bar and get dirtier on the dance floor, but it should be shot aesthetically." Choreographer Bosco adds, "Dirty Dancing was about attitude and sensuality. I hope the remake embodies that. I would love to see Salsa and Contemporary dance in the remake, with a fusion of Hip Hop and Latin American for the finale."

Just up the antenna
Choreographers Remo D'Souza and Vaibhavi Merchant advocate sticking to the original script but introducing Latin American dance styles with a twist. Remo says, "The movie had chemistry and sensuality because of the ballroom dance format, which was an intrinsic part of the film. I think they should continue with that and go with a Tango and a mix of Swing for the final song."

Vaibhavi agrees and adds, "Dirty Dancing got its name because of its dance moves... they were seductive and sexual. I don't think they should drastically change the dance styles as they are in keeping with the overall tempo of the film. However, what they can do is up the antenna by introducing Latin American dance styles with a contemporary twist."

Choreographer-turned- director Farah Khan has her reservations about the remake. She says, "Dirty Dancing was an iconic film. While the script wasn't great, it worked because the dances created magic and the music was very good. I don't think they can recreate that magic today. Besides, the film worked with the youth because they identified with what the lead actors were going through. Apart from this, the dance sequences had shock value, which is no longer the case. The current brand of pop divas and actors have pushed the envelope when it comes to shock value. I don't see how it can get dirtier than that."

Ash sends legal notice to Madhur

Actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan seems to have had enough of her name being dragged into controversies related to director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Heroine. Sources indicate that she has sent Bhandarkar and UTV a legal notice barring them from ever using the footage and stills she shot for the film earlier this year.

Ash, who was dropped from the film in June when it became public that she is pregnant, has since been dragged into several film-related controversies. “Ash is fed up of the whole thing. She’s been ethical and professional about the matter. But, considering the way things ended on a sour note with Bhandarkar, she does not want him to use any of the stills or scenes that she had already shot at any point in the future,” says the source. In yet another move to distance herself from the film, Ash recently returned the signing amount paid to her by UTV. “We never asked for the money but we did receive a cheque of Rs 22.5 lakh,” says an official from the production house.

Not confirming the amount, Ash’s spokesperson said, “It was just a token amount that she had got from UTV. She thought it was fair to return it, even though they insisted that she should keep it, considering she had shot for so many days.” A source close to Bhandarkar says he feels it was a good gesture on Ash’s part. “It was a professional move. The eight days that Aishwarya shot the film cost a lot of money and there were big losses incurred after the film was stalled,” he says.

Ash’s role has now been given to Kareena Kapoor, who, reportedly is charging a record amount to have rescued the film.

Karisma Kapoor loses her cool!

All new avatar: Who did what in Bollywood...we have it all captured right here...Looks like the incessant rains in Mumbai over the past three days is taking a toll on everyone's temper. Family and guests gathered to watch the special screening of Kareena Kapoor's latest film 'Bodyguard' at a city theatre. The shutterbugs were quick to snap sister Karisma as she appeared to have lost her cool suddenly. Mother Babita also accompanied the two sisters as they braved the rains to venture out of their home.

Shahid steers clear of Saif

Former beau Shahid Kapoor and current lover Saif Ali Khan avoid bumping into each other while shooting at Mehboob Studios

When couples in B-Town break-up, they usually do everything in their power to avoid bumping into each other. Not surprising then, they don't want their new lovers to run into their exes either. Like in the case of Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor's present and past avoided each other despite shooting on adjacent floors at Mehboob Studios in Bandra recently.

"Saif was shooting for a shoe brand that he and Bebo endorse, while Shahid was doing a magazine shoot with his dad Pankaj Kapoor. Their vanity vans were parked barely a few meters away, so it was up to their staff to ensure that they don't come face to face with each other," informs our source who was present there.

Shahid was the first to arrive. "He had to shoot a couple of changes with his dad and his bike. So he was moving a lot between his van and the studio room he was shooting in," says our source, adding that it was the same with Saif as he was shooting six changes.

Fortunately, for their respective crews, the two actors didn't meet even once. Both, however, didn't seem too perturbed about running into each other. "Saif and Shahid were too preoccupied with their shoot to be bothered about the other," points our source.

Shahid steers clear of Sallu
Interestingly, Saif Ali Khan wasn't the only actor Shahid Kapoor didn't want to meet. Salman Khan was also at the same studio doing promotional interviews for Bodyguard. Differences between Salman and Shahid arose during their Rock Stars tour some years ago, post which the former doesn't acknowledge the latter's presence.

Kareena not keen to work with Shahid
Kareena Kapoor strongly recommending Imran Khan for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai sequel (HitList, 27 Aug) seems to be a clear message to Shahid Kapoor. She's not keen to work with him even though he has been approached to play the role parallel to Akshay Kumar in the Milan Luthria film for Balaji Motion Pictures.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I want to thank Salman Khan: Kareena Kapoor

Her detractors insist that Kareena Kapoor is "affected" by Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. But Bebo says when it comes to signing a major actress, filmmakers still knock on her door first. Bebo at her fiery best...

Salman Khan says Meera in Bodyguard, that releases on August 31, is tailormade for you.
I want to thank Salman for giving me his most special film. I guess he said the role of Meera was tailormade for me because it is the first Salman Khan movie in which the actress has something to do. His movies are usually very action-packed, Salman-centric affairs. Bodyguard has a soul, and the girl is the soul of the film.

You guys had a blast in Patiala...
Yes, Alvira and Atul (Agnihotri), Salman and his friends know how to make a girl feel wanted. Salman had his cook with him, so he would ensure I got food that suited me.

When it comes to performance-oriented roles, you are still the No. 1 choice.
I feel special to know that when people think of a performance-oriented role, they want me for it. When you see Reliance Entertainment's Bodyguard, you will realise that the heroine's role is tough; one girl has to portray two characters. People will love my character.

What do you make of the constant comparisons to Kat and PC?
It doesn't matter to me at all.

So you are indebted to them for doing special appearances in Bodyguard and RA.One?
Honestly, it could be anyone in those guest appearances. It doesn't matter as it is not relevant to the story. I do movies where the story is of utmost importance.

My hubby's my enemy: Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala's marriage to Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal is back in the news. Six months into the marriage, Manya announced on her social networking page that she was contemplating divorce from Dahal, seven years her junior, and hoped her parents wouldn't be angry.

She later deleted the post saying she had written it in a fit of anger, but the cracks in the marriage had appeared for all to see. Although she stressed that everything was fine with her marriage later, on Thursday the actress once again posted a message on her profile saying, "My husband has become my enemy... how much worst (sic) can it become for a women (sic)?"

We wonder if this message too will be retracted soon, or is the marriage over for good this time? Manisha was unavailable for comment.

Hollywood - Bollywood Compare..

Compare hindi movie actors and actress with hollywood ones,

Here are some pictures of Bollywood and Hollywood lookalikes.

Priety Zinta and Drew Barrymore
When we saw the two, we couldn't believe our eyes. Priety Zinta and Drew Barrymore could have almost been twins.
The resemblance is mind-blowing.

Sonali Kulkarni and Halle Berry
This one even came as a surprise to us. But one look at their smile and their eyes and you will know what we are talking about.

Shahid Kapur and Zack Braff
The two budding actors Shahid and Zack Braff are not only known to be chocolate boys in Bollywood and Hollywood respectively,
but also look surprisingly alike.

Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks
The two have been great actors. They have given some brilliant performances and are also known for their versatility.
Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks don't only share the perfect career graph but also share similar looks.

John Abraham and Antonio Banderas
Well it's not just us who have been pointing out the similarity between John and Antonio.
Apparently once when John was aboard a flight people actually mistook him for Antonio!

Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie
The stunning beauty of east bears a great resemblance to the hot sex bomb of west. Don't you think so?

Bipasha Basu and sophia Loren
Bollywood's bong bombshell, Bips shares her looks with the most famous international sex symbol and Italian actress,
Sophia Loren. Bips' beautiful bong eyes say it all. Isn't that astonishing!

Arjun Rampal and Armand Asanti
The super sexy hunk of Bollywood, Arjun Rampal resembles with the Armand Asanti

Anupama Verma and claire Antonia Forlani
While Claire is an American actress, Anupama is a model-turned actress who hasn't quite made an impact in Bollywood despite a number of films.
Enjoy the resemblance.

Hrithik Roshan and Sylvester Stallone
The two macho men have a big fan following, especially girls! And now there is no doubt left that the two aren't only the heartthrobs for millions but also are quite alike.
Look at them posing!

Pooja Batra and Debra Messing
Long lost actress, Pooja Batra could do no wonders in Bollywood but, it's astounding to find her Hollywood look alike in hot and sexy, Debra Messing.

Paris Hilton and Kareena Kapoor
After her jaw correction, Kareena Kapoor looks a lot like the Hollywood hottie, Paris Hilton, don't you agree?

Rakhi Sawant and Haifa Wehbe
Hold your breaths, our controversial queen, Rakhi Sawant too has a Hollywood counterpart!
Don't Haifa Wehbe and Rakhi 'Nautanki' Sawant look comparable? Check out their eyebrows and you'll agree.

Shahrukh Khan and Michael Jackson
Well they aren't exactly similar looking, but with SRK's recent 'makeover',
his resemblance to Michael Jackson is the current talk of the town!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SRK tweets about his knee injury

Known for being hyper-energetic and a man always on the go, the RA.One actor needs to slow down, at least for a while

Sharing his trauma with his million-plus followers on Twitter, King Khan recently posted a message saying, “been away getting my knee treatment done. two days of intense pain. feel much better today and feel like getting bak to work.” Seems all these years of doing action, emoting and running around trees is taking a toll on the superstar. But before he retorts with a “Bbuddah hoga terra baap”, let us just say that taking a breather is better than burning out, SRK! Trailers of both Don 2 and RA.One tell us that he has done a lot of heavy duty gravity-defying action scenes that are anything but easy on the body. Despite the presence of stunt-doubles – there is only so much they can do – any star has to do his or her bit too. Thankfully SRK’s next, in which he stars with Katrina Kaif for the first time, is a romantic Yash Raj film which might not need him to endure the stress that comes with action flicks. And it sounds as if his little bit in Dia Mirza-Zayed Khan’s Love Breakups Zindagi is not going to be too hard on him physically either. For now we are excitedly waiting for the RA.One music release, which has been given rave reviews by all those who have managed to hear the songs. Our joy knew no bounds when SRK tweeted saying that “ra.one music to release in september…cant wait to put chamak challo on tv in the next few days. finally it’s that time when u start letting the ownership of your film to pass onto the audience.” We want lots more of Shahrukh, so we cannot help hoping he takes care of himself so that we get what we want!

Salman suffering from 'suicide disease'!

The Bodyguard actor is suffering from a facial nerve disorder

Yes, Salman Khan did visit a hospital earlier this month. And no, he is not dying. The Bodyguard actor has admitted in an interview to a daily that he is in terrible pain, as he is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. Quite a mouthful? Think of it by its non-medical name: suicide disease. It’s got nothing to do with death itself – rather, it’s a disease which affects the nerves on the face. A patient experiences painful spasms, like electric shocks, for a few seconds or even several minutes. These can be triggered just by brushing teeth, chewing or even drinking. Salman admits that he has been quietly suffering it for the past seven years, but now the pain’s become unbearable. It has even affected his voice, making it much harsher. But Salman is determined to not let this affect his promotional activities for Bodyguard. He is continuing with his professional commitments and his shoot even as he undergoes treatment. Sallu bhai, get well soon. All your fans are praying for you.

Kangna & Ameesha fight over Sanjay Dutt!

Ameesha Patel is trying hard to get back to the spotlight, but controversy follows her more closely than fame does. Now it’s a catfight with Kangna Ranaut that is making her talked about…

B-town is known for its rickety relationships and frequent quarrels. The newest and perhaps most mysterious one that’s doing the rounds of the Bollywood radar lately is the Ameesha-Kangna brawl. The two are apparently extremely close to the Dutt family and can go to any extent to fight for the attention of Sanjay and Manyataa by edging each other out, fairly or not. Some say it’s an attempt to improve their careers, while other sources close to them are plain clueless. Now all this hasn’t gone down too well with Amee darling and she has literally hit back with a vengeance. “Sometimes people (Kangna) can do things for their own publicity. I don’t know her at all. She has just printed things on her own,” Ameesha growled on a TV show recently. She claimed that she doesn’t even know Kanga properly, let alone being friends with her or having a rift with her. What we fail to comprehend is why anyone would want to be close to Sanjay Dutt, of all people, the actor who himself is trying hard to re-establish himself in the industry. A Movie like Chatur Singh Two Star isn’t exactly the perfect launch pad for getting back into business for either Sanjay or Ameesha. And Kangna, we suggest you get back to your scary schizophrenic kind of roles, that’s any day better than your strategy to play such publicity hungry games.

Kareena Kapoor in popular TV soap

Manav and Archana will have Kareena Kapoor in their serial Pavitra Rishta. Kareena has never appeared in TV soap, but for her film Bodyguard she will shoot an episode with the cast of popular show Pavitra Rishta.

Bodyguard is releasing next week and promotions are going on in full swing. Salman Khan has started its publicity by appearing in some talent hunt shows. Now it’s Kareena’s turn to do her bit; though the actress is busy, she will come on the sets of Pavitra Rishta and will sport her desi Bodyguard look. But what she would do in the serial is not yet revealed.

However, it’s heard that the background track of Pavitra Rishta will change for Kareena’s appearance. The whole cast of the TV serial is excited to have Bebo amidst them; likewise, the actress is also ready for the experience of being on small screen.

If Kareena is on for Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta, Salman Khan will be in another famous soap, Na Aana Is Des Laado, which airs on Colors.

Jacqueline forced to stay indoors

Jacqueline Fernandes is being forced to stay indoors. All this while the Sri Lankan loved to shop for her own stuff including groceries.

But after Murder 2 and her rumoured relationship with Sajid Khan, everyone seems to recognise her. She is now finding it difficult to step out as people approach her for autographs and snapshots.

Considering that her initial movies were flops, she could go unnoticed. As they say Jacqui... success comes with a price!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Kareena Kapoor's share in Heroine's profit'

Kareena Kapoor salvaged Madhur Bhandarkar and UTV's magnum opus Heroine after Aishwarya Rai left it midway.

However, the filmmakers have had to pay heavily for the same. Kareena, who had earlier demanded a sum of Rs 8 crore for signing the film, have reached an understanding with the producers. She will reduce the signing amount but share the profits with UTV, Madhur Bhandarkar and lead actor Arjun Rampal.

A source close to the film informed Mumbai Mirror, "Kareena had earlier demanded Rs 8 crore. After several meetings, she has now decided to slash her fee. However, she will now be a part of the profit sharing rights. The producers have worked it out in a way that Kareena ends up getting Rs 8 crore out of the project."

While getting a sum of Rs 8 crore for the project had made Kareena, the highest paid actress in Bollywood till date, this move has successfully added her name to the list of the big Khans. So far, in Bollywood, actresses have never been known to have a share in the profits of a film.

Whereas actors Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and even Imran Khan have worked in films where they have had a share in the profits. In fact, among the men in the industry, this is the most prevalent and preferred mode of compensation.

"Imran took a profit sharing for Break Ke Baad. Salman has been signing all his films these days and sharing profits for them. In Bollywood, the trend is such that the bigger the actor becomes the higher their fees get. Profit sharing thus, seems to be the best form of payment. Kareena is the first female actor to have entered this space," added the source.

Kareena Kapoor and Madhur Bhandarkar remained unavailable for comments.

Sonam Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor kiss!

There is no kissing scene in Mausam." Sonam Kapoor had said that. But Mumbai Mirror has just found out, that there is indeed a passionate lip-lock between the actress and her co-star Shahid Kapoor in the said film.

And the man who made this kiss possible was none other than Shahid's father, the director of the film Mr Pankaj Kapur. Looks like the actress who had once denied the existence of any such embrace in the project, couldn't refuse the director's command.

Initially when Pankaj Kapur had informed Sonam about the kiss, she had put her foot down. Her refusal had sparked off some real drama on the sets of the film. Kapur had even called up her father Anil Kapoor in desperation. But the actress refused to budge even then. She had even told sections of the media that there was no kissing scene in the film.

That however, is a thing of the past. Much like her days of not being too friendly with her co-star Shahid. With the thaw in their relationship, even the kissing scene seems to have worked itself out. In fact, when contacted Sonam told Mumbai Mirror that she and Shahid do have a kiss in Mausam. When asked about her initial refusal regarding the scene, she said, "Says who?" So was the scene diluted? "No. Jitna hona chahiye tha, utna hi rakha gaya," said Sonam.

Sonam surely seems to have had a change of heart. Mausam producer Sheeta Talwar said, "Sonam is a fantastic actress. She had a very comfortable equation with Pankaj and Shahid. If there were any aspersions whatsoever, they were cast aside during the course of the shoot."

Sonam will be the fourth heroine who Shahid is locking lips with- Kareena Kapoor (Jab We Met), Priyanka Chopra (Kaminey) and Anushka Sharma (Badmaash Company).

I am exactly like Salman Khan: Asin

Asin Thottumkal talks of her men, movies and money in an exclusive interview

No projects down South
Honestly, every single day I receive an offer from Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu cinema. And it is not a conscious decision to go away from the South. Somewhere I am very attached to my roots. I know that it's the Southern film industries that have made me an actor and that is where people relate to me the most. I would never give it up or separate myself from it. I have a personal connect with each of the industries there.

In Kerala people say, 'Asin is our very own Mallu girl'. The Tamilians love me because I have done the most number of movies in Kollywood and have worked with all the top stars. I have even stayed in Chennai for a few years and I have a strong connect with the city and the State of Tamil Nadu. As far as the Telugu film industry goes, I got my first Filmfare Award for a Tollywood film and also the Nandi State Award. So I am referred to as the 'Tamil Ammai'. My film "Garshana" is still spoken of. Few actors can connect with the different audiences and this is my real goodwill.

North for the moment, not South...
Yes, my bulk dates until March 2012 is with projects in Bollywood. Sajid Khan's "Housefull-2" and Rohit Shetty's "Bol Bachchan" will be finished by March. Then there is one bigger project that I am in talks for. The work being offered to me in Hindi is pretty exciting. In the South, I wish to get something unusual because I have done the routine stuff. Now if I accept a South offer, it has to be spectacular. Like I did "Kaavalan" recently only because it wasn't the typical song-'n'-dance roles that girls in Vijay movies usually have. I had already done two Vijay 'formula' films, "Sivakasi" and "Pokiri" earlier. But Meera in "Kaavalan" was a strong character, something I had not attempted before.

Out priced yourself
Money is not the driving force behind my decisions to accept or reject a project. From the start of my career I have always looked for five criteria while selecting a project - 1) script, 2) my role, 3) director, 4) production house and 5) co-artistes. The language of the film or the financial aspects comes into consideration only after this. And as I said earlier, money is not the criteria for me choosing a film in any language.

Salman Khan, 4 am friend
I like Salman because he is very genuine, very forthright. Salman appreciates me because I am exactly like him. I don't wear any masks. If I am happy, you get to see it; if I am angry, then you get to see that also. My acting ends in the front of the camera. In real life, I do not pretend. Yes, I can pick up the phone on Salman whenever I wish and he will always be there. However, I rarely meet him when we are not shooting together. I haven't seen him after "Ready". I am friends with his family. I respect his parents and I am in touch with his brothers and sisters. Salman doesn't need to show that we are friends in overtly ways.

SMS break up with Neil Nitin Mukesh
I don't know where such talk comes from. Neil is still a friend. What SMS break-up? I don't wish to react to talk like this.

Sidhartha Mallya gets inked

After Deepika's infamous RK tat, Sid has now gone and got some additions done on an existing design. Confirming this on a microblogging site, Sid said, "Got a new tattoo yesterday...still on a buzz!!! Ppl say it hurts, but I love the feeling..something really satisfying! U know what I mean?! Already had a star with two bull horns with the initials 'S M' done last year..just had it extended. Will post a pic when it heals! this was my second! Yeah, don't know now if I can stop! Haha." Source reveals that this won't be Mallya's last tat and he's already scouting for new designs for his next artwork.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sonam hits out at Ranbir

They started out as family friends, made their Bollywood debut together, and survived a tough start in T'town. But things haven't been good between Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor ever since she declared on season three of 'Koffee With Karan' that he wasn't a good boyfriend.

On the show, Sonam also praised Ranbir's ex Deepika Padukone (who was on the show with her) saying that she admired her for hanging on to him for as long as she did. Deepika, on her part, made it fairly clear that Ranbir had cheated on her while they were together.

The girls' ribbing didn't go down well with Ranbir's family. His dad Rishi Kapoor said at the time that the actresses should focus on their work instead of talking the way they did about his son. Ranbir's mum Neetu and his aunt were upset too.

Now Sonam has reignited the fight. She said in a recent interview that it was Ranbir who started it all by saying that 'Sonam is not hot'. The Kapoor girl says she just reacted to what he said with 'Ranbir is not hot'.

Sonam added, "Why should I say 'sorry' to him? Just because his father made a hue and cry about it? If Ranbir apologises to me, I shall too." She also added that he wasn't her friend anymore.

Well, the battle-lines have been drawn. It's over to Ranbir now!

Women like my pout: Kareena Kapoor

Says Kareena Kapoor, the new face of Lakme Absolute, who is also planning to launch her own makeup line!

Kareena Kapoor was unveiled as the face of Lakme Absolute on Day 5 of the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai on Sunday. The actress looked stunning in a little shimmering grey dress designed by her friend Kavita.

Kareena Kapoor was in her elements as she unabashedly admitted that makeup is her life and that she loves and uses almost every makeup product! With majority of actresses claiming to prefer the sans makeup look, Kareena as usual was refreshing, thanks to her frank statements.

"I am honoured to be the face of Lakme. As a kid I remember wanting to use my grandmother's Lakme red lipstick every time she would step out for her club outings. I am proud that I am Lakme's face today" said Kareena while getting her face done by makeup artist Cory Walia.

Speaking on her face, Kareena flaunted, "Women must like my lips I am sure not just because of my natural pout but also my gloss. I love my eyes sexy and hot too! I love kohl and mousse which gives me that natural radiance. "

The actress also plans to launch her own makeup line soon.

"I am extremely busy so designing clothes won't happen soon although I am planning to launch my own makeup line" revealed the actress.

Salman plays godfather to new music director Sumit Dutt

Ever since he directed Sallu in Dhinka Chicka and Character Dheela tracks in Ready, the star has been insisting that Sumit direct the songs in his movies

Salman Khan has this penchant of eyeing talent and then giving the person a break. The latest on the star's list of favourites is visuals expert Sumit Dutt. Ever since he directed Sallu in Dhinka Chicka and Character Dheela tracks in Ready, the star has been insisting that Sumit direct the songs in his movies.

Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan and Sumit Dutt on the sets of Bodyguard

Sallu took him on board for his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri's earlier film Hello. Sumit directed the title track of the movie. Now for Agnihotri's next Bodyguard, Sumit has directed the Desi Beats song.

Visual treat
"Today, songs unveil the films and are no more just a relief provider in the story," says Sumit. "With digital media getting stronger each day, people want to see songs which are visually rich, entertaining and most importantly, to which they can connect."

Sumit, who studied at the New York Film School, feels he understands the pulse of the audience. From being an ad film director he has now made a smooth transition into films.

A source reveals that, "Salman is fond of Sumit and feels at ease working with him, he has full confidence in him and knows for sure the song will be successful. Salman is making sure he directs all the songs for his movies, and is also recommending his name to filmmakers. The star is also advising him as he considers him as family."

John Abraham's new look

After putting on almost eight kilos for his next film Force, John Abraham has lost all those kilos for Shrishti Behl's next.

We wish John wouldn't put on and lose the additional baggage so drastically! Or we will begin to wonder about the special diet that he follows... Tee hee!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aishwarya Rai won't flaunt baby bump

Until a while back, everyone was gung-ho about Anushka Sharma joining the Bollywood bikini club in her next film Ladies v/s Ricky Behl.

But that may not happen any longer because, lately, the actress has been showing a lot of reluctance about donning the swimwear. Sources believe that her break-up with co-star Ranveer Singh may have been instrumental in changing her mind.

“The film is being shot in Goa and the makers thought that the settings demanded a swimming costume. Earlier, she was willing to do the scene but now she has put her foot down,” says a source.

When probed the unit denied any 'Ranveer' influence in the matter.

“It has nothing to do with their break-up. Anushka is a professional and if she strongly feels that she’ll be uncomfortable in a bikini, then we respect her stance,” says a unit member.

Sources claim that the makers have finally bowed down to her demands and altered the costume. She will now be seen in shorts and a bikini top, a la Badmaash Company.

Bipasha Basu supports Anna Hazare

An inspired Bipasha Basu went to Azad Maidan on Saturday after her film shoot, in support of Anna Hazare.

She tells us, "It's so inspirational being here! I am supporting Anna Hazare but I got a little worried as it's extremely crowded here. I was alone there with only my driver as security." The actress was spotted wearing the signature Anna cap, which had a slogan supporting him on his fast against corruption.

Anushka Sharma says no to swimwear

Until a while back, everyone was gung-ho about Anushka Sharma joining the Bollywood bikini club in her next film Ladies v/s Ricky Behl.

But that may not happen any longer because, lately, the actress has been showing a lot of reluctance about donning the swimwear. Sources believe that her break-up with co-star Ranveer Singh may have been instrumental in changing her mind.

“The film is being shot in Goa and the makers thought that the settings demanded a swimming costume. Earlier, she was willing to do the scene but now she has put her foot down,” says a source.

When probed the unit denied any 'Ranveer' influence in the matter.

“It has nothing to do with their break-up. Anushka is a professional and if she strongly feels that she’ll be uncomfortable in a bikini, then we respect her stance,” says a unit member.

Sources claim that the makers have finally bowed down to her demands and altered the costume. She will now be seen in shorts and a bikini top, a la Badmaash Company.

Sonakshi won't share her item with Minissha

Insecure about co-star Sonakshi's much talked-about item number, Minissha reportedly requested to be part of it. Sonakshi, however, put her foot down

ACCORDING to the grapevine, not all is well between Sonakshi Sinha and Minissha Lamba, both of whom are starring in Shirish Kunder's Joker, an upcoming fantasy film that will also star Akshay Kumar. Sources claimed that after Lamba heard about Sinha's item number that would be choreographed by Farah Khan (Kunder's wife), she requested the director that she be made a part of it.

The fact that Sinha would be doing an item number has already created quite a stir in the media. However, Sinha insisted that Lamba be kept out of the song and Kunder in order to make peace had to reportedly promise Lamba a music video for the film instead.

A source said Lamba was right to feel jittery about Sinha's item number. "After the way Zarine Khan walked away with all the attention in Ready with just one item song, stealing Asin's thunder, and with Kareena having to put her foot down with regards to Katrina's item song in Bodyguard, Minissha wanted to take no chances. That's why she asked Shirish to include her in the number," he said.

When contacted, Kunder said, "Yes, Minissha did express a desire to be in the item song. I'd have loved her to be part of it. Unfortunately, her character is not supposed to be introduced at the stage the item song appears in the film. I have, however, promised that I'll shoot a special music video with her."

Minissha Lamba was, however, evasive when asked why she wasn't part of the song. "I don't know about all that. It's a creative call taken by the director," she said.

Preity can't make peace between Khans

Actress Preity Zinta, a good friend of both Salman and Shah Rukh, says it is beyond her to bring about a truce between the two warring Khans.

But interestingly, Salman is going to appear on Preity's upcoming chat-show, which is being produced by SRK's Red Chillies Entertainment.

When asked if she tried to engineer a patch-up between the two superstars, Preity said, "Please...somebody help me escape this question!"

Salman and Preity have worked together in films like Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega (2000), Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (2001), Jaaneman (2006). Most of them bombed at the box office.

Shah Rukh and Preity were seen together in Dil Se (1998), Kal Ho Na Ho (2003), Veer Zaara (2004) and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (2006). All these were hits.

"Each one of us has his or her own equation in the industry. This is really beyond me...or anybody else. Let's wait and watch," Preity said.

The bubbly actress will have both Salman and Shah Rukh - though separately - on her chat show Up, Close And Personal With PZ that will be aired from September 3.

Rahul welcomes Chiranjeevi to Congress

Telugu actor-politician Chiranjeevi officially became a Congress member today after his party Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) merged with the Congress two months ago.

Chiranjeevi, who celebrates his 56th birthday on Monday (August 22), was welcomed by Rahul Gandhi, AICC General Secretary and Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Ghulam Nabi Azad, at an event at the Congress headquarters today.

Chiranjeevi said: It is my honour to be a part of (the) Congress party. I will be an active worker of party."

On February 11 this year, Chiranjeevi announced that his political party, Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) would merge with the Congress. The merger is expected to benefit the troubled state of Andhra Pradesh politics in a big way.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Actor Asin is now a mumbaikar

Asin says that she does not “categorise the film industry into different languages or regions”.

She insists, “I consider myself as an actor working in the Indian film industry.”

After Ready, Asin is showing clear readiness to make further inroads into Bollywood. She reveals, “Right now, I am settled in Mumbai and work out of Mumbai.”

Ask her about the western metropolis and she says, “I have taken to Mumbai like fish to water. I love the vibe of the city. In fact, I have got a home here since Ghajini and I am quite comfortable in the city. I have my friends who are not from the industry.”

Bips to spice it up in Raaz 3

Bipasha Basu, who reportedly angered the Bhatts by turning down a lead role in 'Murder 2', has made up with them and signed 'Raaz 3', which will be made in 4D
Bipasha Basu who rose to fame with two Bhatt films -- Jism and Raaz -- had reportedly enraged the directors after she turned down the lead role in Mukesh Bhatt's last film Murder 2.

Citing date issues, the Bong bombshell had also backed out from performing an item number. However, it looks like all that is forgiven and forgotten.

Launch Pad: Bipasha Basu gained recognition with Raaz, directed by
Vikram Bhatt, which was only her second film

On Thursday, Bipasha signed for the lead role in Raaz 3. The film will be directed by Raaz director Vikram Bhatt and will be made in 4D.

Mukesh Bhatt said, "It is a homecoming for both Bipasha and Vikram. Yes, we did have issues earlier but, in a family, there are always different point of views that arise till the members realise that amendments need to be made."

"This is where they started and this film brought recognition to both Vikram and Bipasha," he added.

When Mukesh was asked who made the first move, he said, "Being in the same business, we keep bumping into each other. Bipasha expressed a desire to work with us again and she loved the Raaz 3 script. It is a very challenging and powerful role for her."

Vikram, who will be directing the said, "Bipasha is a very important part of the team that created Raaz as a brand.I am happy to be working with her again and hope to create the same magic with the already heady pair of Emi (Emraan Hashmi) and Jackie (Jacqueline Fernandes)."

Confirming that she has signed on the dotted line, Bips said, "I have a long and fruitful relationship with Vishesh films. I am very fond of both Maheshji and Mukeshji.

They have given me two of my best films of which, Raaz, my second movie, was a golden jubilee hit. It was only a matter of time before we worked together."

Talking about the film, she said, "My role in Raaz 3 seems to be a very challenging one and the director is not only very good at his craft, but has also been a friend for a long time." "The thought of working with my own people gives me a high. It is a terrific combination," she added.

Sonakshi dumps Salman!

Sonakshi Sinha plans to work with her mentor’s archrival Shah Rukh Khan in Abhinav Kashyap’s next

Salman Khan sacrificed his relationship with his best friend Govinda, when he chose to help Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi mark her debut in Bollywood over Govinda’s daughter Narmada.

And while Sonakshi has been reveling in her success post Dabangg, thanks to Sallu, her recent career move has got the entire industry questioning her way of showing gratitude towards the actor. Reportedly, the actress has agreed to share screen space with Salman’s archrival Shah Rukh Khan in Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap’s next directorial venture. 

A source informed us that the film, which goes on floors at the end of the year, is a love story that will be shot in Australia. “Abhinav wants to move away from the rustic action genre of Dabangg to an urban love story in his next.

It is an unusual love story about two people, who meet under extremely trying circumstances. Shah Rukh will play one of his most intensely romantic roles of his career,” said the source.

The source added that Sallu’s protégé, who has ventured to the other Khan camp, does not have any qualms about working with Abhinav, who Salman also had a fallout with during the filming of Dabangg.

Interestingly, Sonakshi is the second girl in Salman’s life who dared to cross over.

The actor’s ex-flame Katrina Kaif also decided to work with SRK in YRF’s upcoming project.   

Despite repeated attempts, Kashyap remained unavailable for comment.

Is Salman in UK for an angiography?!

Actor Salman Khan is in serious trouble, the Dabangg of B- Town is learnt to be suffering from severe spinal pain which is making him difficult to stand or even workout in the gym.

Highly placed sources reveal that Salman may be going through Sciatica pain, which is felt in the lower back, buttock, and/or various parts of the leg and foot. In addition to pain, which is sometimes severe, the actor may be facing numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling and also difficulty in moving or controlling the leg.

If sources are to be believed, the actor is planning to fly to London (UK) around the first week of September after Eid for the release of his film ‘Bodyguard’. He might even visit one of the centers of the National Health Services which specialise in sciatica treatment and undergo a therapy course.

“Salman is unwell, but the commitment the actor shows is phenomenal. Even though he was going through severe pain, the actor made it a point to visit the ‘Being Human’ football match on the eve of Independence Day,” added the insider.

The actor is a football player himself, but he opted not to play the charity match, which aroused suspicion.

“Salman even couldn’t bent down and felicitate the children,” concluded the source.


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