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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mallika beats Britney, Lindsay!

If there's any shortcut to fame in Hollywood then it's by becoming the paparazzi's darling. And Mallika Sherawat knows that.

The actress' 'close friend' Sheeraz Hasan, is the owner of the largest paparazzi site (Hollywood.TV) in the West. Mallika is heavily promoted in the video section on this site. There are 20 videos of the actress, everything from walking around the street and chatting with the video guy to exchanging messages with Barack Obama at a press event.

A source close to her reveals that she's getting so much coverage due to her proximity with Sheeraz. In fact the website's YouTube channel promotes Mallika above the likes of Britney and Lindsay Lohan. Recently during her Cannes visit, the site featured random videos of the actress deciding what to wear for the red carpet and interacting with foreign filmmakers at dinner parties.

Spilling details about how they met, the source says, "Mallika and Sheeraz hit it off when she moved to LA. He helped her get featured in the local media and also got her tickets to major premiers and media events. Ever since then, they have kept in touch." Mallika doesn't need to hire any professional paparazzi to help her be visible in Hollywood as with Sheeraz's website backing her, she gets ample coverage in the West."
And there will be more Mallika videos coming up in the next few weeks with Hasan instructing his team to feature her more than any other celebs on the site, adds the source.

Salman wants a housewife!

Candid, unassuming and forthright, Salman Khan looks every bit the hunk, dressed in a green 'Being Human' T-shirt and denim jeans!

Whether it is his character in Maine Pyaar Kiya or Hum Aapke Hai Kaun or the guy who loses the girl in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but still manages to win hearts, Salman admits he believes in family values.

"In today's times when family values have become trivial and human bonding is breaking down, everyone must remember that a man is a success only if he has good family values. I would rate family values as something more important than success. I will be a finished man tomorrow if I do not respect what my family wants. Family is the biggest support system you have." For someone whose family relocated from Indore with the actor's father Salim Khan having only 60 rupees in his pocket, Salman considers simple living to be something that he would never be afraid to go back to.

For someone who has often commented that if it were possible he would have gotten married at the age of 17, we ask him the obvious question of his dream woman and he says. "I want someone who is very efficient with good qualities of a homemaker."

Salman Khan's life in danger?

King of controversy Salman Khan once again created a buzz. An alleged threat to Salman’s life was reported as the actor mingled with the media recently. Believe it or not, an unidentified man with a revolver was spotted outside a private engineering college in Dongangaon, Nagpur, when the ‘Dabangg’ was interacting with the local media there on May 19.

A cameraman covering the event is said to have got a shot of the mysterious revolver trotting chap.

Salman, however insists that “there is no threat to my life” and pleads with the media not to “spread rumours.”

After the incident, Salman left for the airport immediately and only learnt about the man with the revolver later while en route to Mumbai. “I didn’t see him. It could have been a policeman and not some crazed fan. This is all bakwas! (nonsense)” he exclaimed, trying to play down the incident.

But, the incident didn’t stop the security of Salman to be strengthened. More than a dozen bodyguards were present at the 3rd Rock event held at suburban hotel in Mumbai where Sallu and his co-star Asin’s performance is scheduled to take place on 2 July.

Any clue of the uninvited revolver man still remains a mystery.

Did not insult Ash

Saif Ali Khan clears the air, says his motive was to praise the ‘international face’ of India and not poke fun

Once upon a time, the Cannes red carpet, for us Indians, used to be a ‘Ash only’ zone. However, thanks to many consumer brands, this doesn’t hold true any longer.

This year, at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, we saw the likes of Mallika Sherawat (who had been to Cannes last year as well to unveil her film Hisss), Sonam Kapoor (who was supposed to be there a year back was then later left out), Minissha Lamba (to wear 40 lakh worth jewellery), Playboy model Candice Boucher (to promote her Indian debut film) and even Saif Ali Khan (thanks to a brand he endorses).

Now with so many actors at the same address, sparks were meant to fly. While Candice and Mallika vied for paparazzi attention by showcasing their underwear on the red carpet, another controversy was brewing off it.

Saif Ali Khan on being questioned about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s presence at the festival every year, with or without a film to promote, said, “Maybe because she is a pretty face.” Needless to say, this remark sparked a controversy.

News websites picked up Saif’s remark, saying how the actor feels that Ash is just a ‘pretty face’. A website even went ahead to say that an actor, however big or small would definitely feel angry on being referred as pretty but not talented.

The controversies were further fuelled by the fact that once upon a time in Bollywood, the junior Bachchan bahu and Saif’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor refused to even look at each other. Starting in the days when Abhishek unceremoniously dropped Bebo’s elder sister Karisma, the cold war continues even today.

In fact, the two Bollywood leading ladies refused to acknowledge each other’s presence at an award ceremony held in early March, this year.

However, Saif is shocked to hear about the misinterpretation of what he had to say about Ash. “I was asked about the relevance of Ash going to Cannes and I said she is the international face of india.

I said we should be proud about her beautiful face. One website quoted me verbatim, complimenting Ash, which is what I meant in the first place. But others have misquoted me. I would never say something like that about her.” Of course, the girlfriend’s feelings are not transferred to the Chhote Nawab!

Bollywood angry with Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor now has half of Bollywood turning against him. They are angry with him for not having agreed to do his movies, amongst others, one such person was Sanjay Leela Bhansali because the actor felt that the filmmaker was not capable of giving a hit. Ranbir had earlier refused to work with Ram Gopal Varma in ‘Sarkar 3’ as well as he did not like Ramu as a filmmaker. The Kapoor scion had also refused to work in a Kunal Kohli film as he did not like the script at all. Ranbir even refused to work with Deepika Padukone in Ayaan Mukherji’s next film after ‘Wake Up Sid’. One more film he rejected was with Shah Rukh Khan because he felt that the producer Karan Johar who was offering the film would not do enough justice to him when it came to being pitted with SRK in the same movie.

Now if one understands that Ranbir Kapoor does not have dates and he cannot do everyone’s films, it is still a plausible explanation. But the way the actor has also gone on with his lover boy activities, he has not only cut himself off from certain heroines, but a certain Salman Khan too has ordered a fatwa against Ranbir telling his friends not to work with him. We wonder what will be Ranbir’s next step in this scenario. Will he start accepting all offers that come his way in the future? Or will he keep on the same agenda and hope that the makers who want him will still come to him?

Salman and Kat back together in love!

Bollywood’s uber glam actress Katrina may have moved on in her relationship with Salman a couple of years ago, but in reality the actress is still very fond of the ‘Dabangg’ actor.

Salman and Katrina still shower their love for each other and make no bones about showing it.

However, it was quite obvious recently when Salman himself revealed that Katrina was the one who has recommended his name to director Kabir Khan for Yash Raj’s home production ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

“Kabir Khan, who will be directing ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, had signed Katrina for the female lead and was looking for a male lead. Katrina recommended my name and that's how everything fell into place,” stated Salman, in a recent interview.

The two stars, who are making a comeback as a pair in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, have certainly become best buddies now, as they have been waxing lyrical about each other in public.

It was Salman who helped Katrina in her initial stages of career and now is it pay-back time or Katrina still feels for Salman?

Malaika's near-miss dress disaster

Dressed in a shimmering golden corset and shiny black skinny pants, Bollywood's stylish item girl Malaika Arora Khan, narrowly escaped a dress disaster. Malaika was the showstopper of the fashion show organised at the launch of the Audi A7 Sportback in Mumbai on Saturday (May 21). Her discomfiture was evident as she was forced to adjust her trousers (at times hold on to them) throughout the event.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shah Rukh turns an item boy!

Shah Rukh Khan shows us dance moves as grooves to the remixed version of the song Antenna in Always Kabhi Kabhi. SRK has also produced this upcoming youth flick.

Always Kabhi Kabhi, as Shahrukh Khan describes it is a tale of four friends in the last year of their school. Directed by theatre artist-actor-host Roshan Abbas, the movie is inspired from his popular 1999 play Graffiti.

Shah Rukh Khan has made a guest appearance in the film, grooving to the remixed version of Antenna. The song has been sung by KK, Anupam Amod and Apeksha Dandekar.

Starring Giselle Monteiro (the Punjabi kudi of Love Aaj Kal), newcomer Zoa Morani, the handsome Ali Fazal (who played the suicidal Jay Lobo in 3 Idiots) and Satyajeet Dube, the Nana Saheb of the popular serial Jhansi Ki Rani, Always Kabhi Kabhi promises to take you back to the golden period of your school life.

The supporting roles in the film are played by Satish Shah, Vijay Raaz, Lilette Dubey and Manoj Joshi. The film also has a special appearance by Shahrukh Khan.

Vidya to enhance her hips!

Vidya Balan goes the Shahid Kapoor way, will use butt-pads to get the 'well rounded' look in Ekta Kapoor’s Dirty Picture

If Vidya Balan playing Silk Smitha in Dirty Picture wasn't outrageous enough, now the actress will be using cosmetic stuffing to increase the girth of her hips for the role.

Vidya, who was initially supposed to gain and then lose weight for her role as the yesteryear item girl, had later backtracked saying she can't gain weight and then lose the extra kilos fast enough.

While, the buzz was that the actress would have to use prosthetics to increase her bust line for part of the film (the very part for which she had to gain a few extra kilos), now the news is that some bulk would be required for the hips as well.

Drawing inspiration from her one time 'good friend' Shahid Kapoor who is rumoured to have taken cosmetic help to make himself look 'well rounded', Vidya too will now be using the very add-on.

The producer Ekta Kapoor in fact has given the charge of making Vidya look voluptuous to AD Shahana and make up person Vikram dada.

While Vidya after shedding her kilos and the 'plump' tag is probably in no mood to gain extra adipose, since the shoot starts May 30, the filmmaker had to resort to desperate measures.

However, it will sure be interesting to see Vidya carry it off. And of course, she can always call Shahid for some tips.

'Ranbir and I have dated'

Angela Jonsson admits to going out with Ranbir Kapoor, but not with Shahid

While she's more famous for being Ranbir Kapoor's arm candy at recent events, Angela Jonsson is also a calendar girl. Her link-up to the Casanova actor recently made headlines as did her tryst with Shahid Kapoor.

Says a source close to the model, "The last couple of weeks have been traumatic for Angela and her family.

She has been caught up in one controversy after another, apart from being accused of linking herself to hot and happening stars only for publicity and to get a foothold into the film industry.

Angela is a well-behaved and soft-spoken girl from a decent family and was aghast to find herself in the spotlight with negative stories piling about her.

While she has dated Ranbir, has attended parties and has gone out with him in public, Angela has not interacted with Shahid at all beyond meeting him a few times at parties, one of which Ranbir accompanied her to."

The source adds that what bothered Angela was when stories of her dating Ranbir started getting leaked to the media and was then blamed on her. "Angela has little knowledge about B-Town so it came as a shock to her when there were reports that she was spreading these stories."

Angela says, "I have always refrained from commenting on my personal life so far but the news reports that have been doing the rounds have caused immense and unnecessary stress to my family and to me.

Therefore I need to set the record straight once and for all. Yes, Ranbir and I have dated. We have gone out to dinner like two normal adults in the city.

As any gentleman would and should, he asked me out for the record. Since winning the Kingfisher Calendar Hunt, my modeling career has done better than I ever expected. None of the successes can be attributed to anyone other than to my hard work and that of my agents."

On Shaks, Angela says, "I have met Shahid socially and haven't spoken much to him at all. I've met him at Anushka Sharma's birthday, which Ranbir took me to and again at Ranbir's house party as well. I do not have his phone number and have never texted him."

Ranbir remained unavailable for comment.

Shahid's version
A source close to Shahid says, "Shahid has met Angela socially a few times  at his birthday party, Ranbir's house party and Anushka's party where Angela came with Ranbir. They have never chatted or met beyond that. There is nothing more to it. In fact, Shahid was very upset to hear about stories linking him and Angela."

Big B caught two-timing!

In Viacom18 and AB Corp’s Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, Amitabh Bachchan is taking ‘cool’ to the next level.

Along with designer scarves, denims and branded glares, the Big B will be seen sporting not one but two watches on his wrist.

And this, by the way, was his own touch to the styling of his character in the film.

Looks like the Big B has lots of time on his hands these days.

Rajinikanth shifted from ICU

Ailing Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, admitted to the Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre here, was shifted to private ward from the intensive care unit (ICU) Sunday evening, a hospital bulletin said.

According to the bulletin, Rajinikanth "...been shifted out of the Intensive Care Unit to a private ward this evening (Sunday). He is cheerful and is spending time with all the family members and is watching (the IPL) cricket match keenly. His vital parameters are stable. However, visitors are strictly not allowed, as per doctors` advice."

The matinee idol was admitted to hospital late evening May 13, with fever and fluid retention following acute gastro-intestinal and respiratory problems and was later shifted to the ICU May 18.

The 60-year-old superstar also underwent advanced treatment including hemodialysis. According to hospital authorities.

Admitted for the third time in over three weeks, Rajinikanth was earlier admitted to St. Isabel Hospital April 29 after a bout of vomiting and was discharged in the evening.

On May 5, he was again admitted to the ICU of St. Isabel Hospital after allergic bronchitis and fever.

Shahid stalks Priyanka!

It's been a while since Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra split. Their relationship became infamous as their constant now-on, now-off status. However, their last split seemed final. But now, Shahid is having second thoughts and wants to give it another try.

Says a source close to the couple, "Shahid is not willing to accept that this is The End. He is having a tough time letting go. He has been sending her feelers for weeks, which she has been ignoring. Now his text messages are somewhere in the stalker zone. Recently, when he heard that she was going to be present at Shah Rukh's party for his team and mingle with the boys, he began to frantically call her. He was anxious like a possessive lover as he wasn't attending the party due to an injury."

A source from the party reveals, "PC was more than excited to meet the likes of Brett Lee. She even broke into an impromptu song. Every one kept cheering her." While she was showing off her vocal range her phone was incessantly flashing 'Shahid calling'. Adds an insider, "He was desperate to talk to her. And she was ignoring his calls and texts. When he couldn't reach her, Shahid began calling their common friends to find out the details of the party. But none of them got back to him."

PC is trying to put her past behind her, while Shahid can't cope with losing her. The source adds, "He has been sending her emotional texts and telling their friends that he misses being with her. But PC is happy to stay good friends." Time for Shaks to see the writing on the wall.

Did Ranbir dance for Salman Khan?

Actor Ranbir Kapoor turned 'item boy' for Salman Khan?

There were talks that not all was well between Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan after rumours of Ranbir's link-up with Katrina Kaif emerged. Their growing friendship didn't go down too well with the Khan, and RK and Sallu who were good friends once aren't as friendly anymore.

However, Ranbir Kapoor has done an item number in 'Chillar Party' a kid's flick and interestingly this movie is being produced by Salman Khan. Salman said, "It's a kids movie, and should be seen by dog lovers and non-dog lovers. It's for adults, kids, everyone. It's a beautiful story, and you must go and watch it."

The proceeds of this one are going to Salman's NGO, Being Human. "Ranbir plays himself in the movie," says Salman, "These kids want to raise some money to fight a cause, and they request Ranbir to do a show."

Salman is extremely glad that Ranbir came forward and agreed to do the song. And is insistent that's all well between them.

Sushmita is back to ex for good?

Sushmita Sen and ad-filmmaker Manav Menon dated for a brief while and then separated five years ago. That was the last one heard about Manav and Sush.

They both moved on with their lives. Now suddenly years later, the duo seems to be in touch again.

Says a source close to Sush, "Manav is suddenly back in Sush's life, although one is not sure if he is just there as a friend, or more. Sush has always remained in touch with her ex-boyfriends — Vikram Bhatt, Sanjay Narang and Randeep Hooda. In fact, one of the reasons for her split from Manav was that he could not handle her closeness to Randeep. The split wasn't amicable like her other relationships, which is why it is surprising that they are back to being 'friends.' Suddenly after five years, they are together and more than comfortable being in each other's company even in public."

The source adds, "When they were first dating, the actresses' daughter Renee didn't quite take to the hot-tempered and aloof Manav, but this time he is going out of his way to break the ice with the Little Ms Sen. Meanwhile, the couple have been spotted catching up over dinner, coffee, etc. since the last two months. Manav has turned more spiritual in the last few years. Clearly he wants this to work this time around, and is making an effort. So, let's see how things turn out between them." Sush remained unavailable for comment.

Factfile on Sush-Manav romance
Sushmita and Manav dated for a year in 2006 and people speculated that marriage was on the cards. Sush had flown down Israeli tarot reader Ofer Cohen to consult on their relationship and how to take things forward. Their relationship headed a roadblock soon due to incompatibility. Manav was going through a divorce when he was dating the actress.

I never take anything to heart: Imran Khan

It's just Planet Bollywood News. At 7 pm every night. It's that time of the day when you get your daily dose of Bollywood gossip, scoops, confessions, face-off and link-ups... as it's happening.

Caught and clicked exclusively on zoOm. Tonight it will get even hotter because the news is going to be broken by none other than Bollywood's hottest youth icon, Imran Khan himself.

Of course, it's not like Imran has been spared the punch in the past, and he admits it himself. "I agree that news on most channels is sensationalised, but at the end of the day everyone is looking for an audience. I never take anything to heart because we have to work together here. It's a reality that everyone wants to know everything about an actor's life, so it's not fair to blame the media. Nowadays, there's a lot more openness between actors, media and the audience. All three have become closer to one another.

There's no longer that big separation. Planet Bollywood News at least makes an effort to get all sides of the story and that's why I like to watch the show. If there's anything happening in the industry, I know I can catch it here," says Imran. Catch Planet Bollywood News in an all new avatar tonight, and every night at 7 pm only on zoOm — India's No 1 Bollywood channel!

Malaika won't move out: Arbaaz

Talks say there is trouble in Arbaaz-Malaika's paradise...

Rumour mills have been abuzz with news that all is not well between actor-producer Arbaaz Khan and his gorgeous wife Malaika Arora Khan.

It has been reported that the husband and wife have had a nasty brawl after which Malaika has moved out of their house to staying with her mother.

However, Arbaaz has rubbished any such thing. Talking exclusively to TOI, the Khan says, "I don't understand where all this news comes from. Everything is well between me and my wife. This is just a ridiculous rumour. We are like any other healthy couple and people should just be concerned about what we do professionally and not interfere in our personal lives."

Arbaaz is not unaware that rumours about a celeb's personal life make for the juiciest gossips. But coming hard on the ones behind churning out such gossips, he said, "I just hope these gossip mongers rest in peace. Why don't they understand that rumours about such personal and critical issues are very disturbing for an individual and his family?" he questions.

The Khan and his family have been on a high ever since Dabangg was announced the Best Film at the National Awards. But the alleged split rumours with wife Malaika have visibly disturbed Arbaaz.

The doting husband in him is furious as he declares, "What happens in my private life is not for public consumption. It's sad how we (celebs) are subjected to give a clarification about our personal lives and the integrity of our relationship every time. And if ever we try not to react or comment; it still puts a question mark on us."

Though Arbaaz is someone who ignores reacting to stupid rumours, he couldn't stay away from clearing the air over his and wifey's relationship. "I and Malaika are very much together. There is no such situation between us that would cause her to move out. Kindly ignore this gossip," he signed off.

Arbaaz and Malaika are one of the ideal couples in tinsel ville and we wish they stay love-struck.

Salman comes to Ghai's rescue

After Yuvraaj's failure, Ghai and Salman Khan's relationship went for a nose dive, but recently Khan agreed to do Ghai's next film

While everyone knows that the once sought after director Subhash Ghai has fallen on bad times (his last hit was Taal, way back in 1999), look who's coming to his rescue? Salman Khan who had once infamously, got into fisticuffs with the director in a toilet, and whom one would assume would stay away after the colossal flop that Yuvraaj turned out to be, is going to do a film with Ghai in the coming months. The film will reportedly be a lavish musical set in contemporary times, and work will commence by the year end.

The director had forgiven Khan for their loo spat before taking him on for Yuvraaj. But the film bombed, and the relationship between the two nose dived. However, last Monday, Ghai dropped in at Khan's makeshift pad in Film City. According to an eyewitness, "Salman met Ghai with a lot of warmth. Neither of them brought up Yuvraaj. What was meant to be a brief hello, turned into a lengthy discussion about Ghai's next project. Salman loved the idea and immediately agreed to do the film."

According to the source, Khan even told the grateful director, "Anytime for you." When contacted, Ghai did not deny meeting Khan for a new film. "We may be doing a project together," he said, adding, "To this date Salman and I are very close." Can Khan, who is riding on his Dabangg success, pull Ghai out from misfortune?

Veena Malik escapes unhurt in car crash

Contrary to the reports from Pakistan, Veena Malik has not been injured in a road accident

In an accident involving the Pakistani actress Veena Malik while she was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore, the  actress has declared herself to be unhurt, opposing the claims of the Pakistani media.

According to Pakistani media reports, Veena was recovering in a hospital.

"Not true," said Malik, "Miraculously, I didn't get a single scratch. Although the vehicle is completely mangled we managed to escape unhurt. I think there is a guardian-angel watching over me."

The incident, however, has resulted in one good aftermath.

Her boyfriend, Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and she are together again. Ashmit has been on the phone constantly inquiring about Veena's well being, specially since the reports in the Pakistan press were fairly alarming.

No wedding bells
Prodded about marriage,  Veena chuckled, "Neither Ashmit nor I believe in the institution of marriage.
The day marriage makes sense to us, we will take the plunge."

Veena returns to Mumbai in two weeks. "I've accepted three movie projects and will talk about them when I return to India."

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shah Rukh wants an item number!

These days many filmmakers are cashing on the current trend of bold and lewd lyrics like the Dum Maaro Dum, or Mutton, or Karma's a bitch. And it looks like Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan doesn't want to be behind the times.

In fact, he would want to be ahead of times otherwise why would he remind us about the item number Ishq Kameena he did with Aishwarya Rai in Shakti few years back. So would he want to do an item number today? "Haan, woh Sheela ki jawani thi aur yeh hai Shah Rukh ki adhed umar," he guffawed.

Well, but SRK values freedom of expression and respects all kinds of lyrics. "I have no issue with these lyrics as the young generation is exposed to international music as much as the Eastern ones. Also, it all depends upon the situation, kabhi kabhi kuch jam jaata hai (sometimes certain lyrics fits into the situation) and conveys the meaning. And then we have the Censor Board to take a call," said Shah Rukh, who remained as witty as ever. "But I am feeling bad for Karma" (referring to karma is a bitch song) he said in his usual inimitable style and dimpled smile.

Now Rajinikanth says, I'm not dead

The superstar, who was recently hospitalized for allergic bronchitis and viral fever, would not have imagined even in his wildest dreams that his hospitalization would result in fake news of his death circulating all over the internet.

As soon as the news spread, Rajini fans, thronged to online forums and sites to find out the truth. Such was the impact of the rumour that "Rajinikanth death" and "Rajinikanth died" became the top two most searched for keywords online last Sunday . Some websites even went to the extent of posting fake pictures of his death, with the message – Born on December 12, 1950, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, famous as Rajinikanth, died at the age of 61.

Expressing shock over such false reports, Rajnikanth's family finally released an official statement on May 16 that said he was fine and had to take some rest following his recent hospitalization. "I don't know where these rumours started from. These are false. He is in good health and is resting at home," his wife Latha said in the presence of media.

Though heaving a sigh of relief following the confirmation of their star being well, Rajini fans are not willing to take this as 'just another joke'. Shaleen Asghar, a die-hard Rajini fan, said, "Bloggers should be careful in spreading news without verification. Rumours are not good. It is quite annoying to note that people do not check the authenticity of any news and spread it onwards." Akhil Das too expressed a similar opinion and said, "I am shocked to read about this stupid rumour. Rajini sir is a superstar and a very respectful man. And what do these guys gain anyway by spreading such false news?"

Yes, I said that, but not to Bips: Amar Singh

In an exclusive, Amar Singh explains the infamous tape, the Bipasha connect, and how his old association with Bollywood's foremost family - the Bachchans - is no longer what it was.

In an exclusive, Amar Singh explains the infamous tape, the Bipasha connect, and how his old association with Bollywood's foremost family — the Bachchans — is no longer what it was

If the Bipasha tape is indeed fabricated, why Bipasha, of all the people in the world? What's the connection?
I'll tell you. I studied it. First of all, my unqualified apology to Bipasha. I am born and brought up in Bengal. By heart, I am a Bengali...

...Umm, and when it is election time, politically, I am a UP Thakur?
I worked in a Bengali movie called Sesh Sanghat which was on the Naxal issue. In fact, when the film, which espoused the cause of the landless farmers, was a huge hit. I can speak chaste Bengali, perhaps better than many residents of Kolkata. My education is in Kolkata, my base is in Bengal. So why should I not call myself Bengali? As a fellow Bengali, my unqualified apology to Bipasha. Apart from the fact that the age gap between me and her is huge, I have only seen Bipasha twice in my life, that too, in a crowd. Once at the premiere of Viruddh, in which John acted as Amitabh ji's son. At that point of time, I was very actively associated with AB Corp, as everyone knows. I am, incidentally, still officially vice-chairman of AB Corp; how far I am going to be there, I don't know. The second time I saw her was at a special screening of Lamha. That's about all. She must be knowing that this man is Amar Singh, and I knew that she was Bipasha Basu. Barring that, I have had no interaction whatsoever with Bipasha.

None at all?
I am not someone who runs away from relationships, of any nature. They are not something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about. But here, there is nothing to deny. My 2005-2006 24 hours, 365 days' taped telephone conversations can be checked, there is not a single conversation between me and Bipasha. And thank god it is not there. The Bipasha Basu of 2006 phoning somebody would be very flattering for anyone, but I did not get that opportunity of feeling flattered. And any lady is unlikely to talk like that... ladies rarely propose. It is the habit and perogative of men to propose, and we are also often disposed. A lady will not chase Amar Singh!

If someone had to create a fake, he could have had another name, more easily linked to you. Why Bipasha, of all people?
Yes, that is what I have also been thinking about. If it was Dimple, or other film stars of my age group, who are quite friendly with me...

Surely there are film stars not of your age group who are also quite friendly with you?
See, 'friendship' is being used very casually. Acquaintances are also being described as friends. Many of my good friends, who have made it big, refused to recognise me as a friend when they thought I was left behind, because there was a lot of gap in our status. And when I grew in stature, someone who met me twice or thrice in life began dropping my name and telling people that we were 'very good friends'. For twenty years I treated Jaya Bachchan as family. Twenty years is a hell of a lot. There were moments when I stood by her. And when one moment of decision came for her (to stand by me), I looked around, and she was not there for me!

I treated Jaya Bachchan as family, and that I feel sorry for the demise of such a beautiful relationship. And beyond that, I will not open my mouth.

So, to clarify – I am not friendly with many people. I share my life with friends, I can give my life for friends, I can take a life for friends. That is what friendship is.

So who are your friends today?
Well, it is very difficult to say. After transplantation of my kidneys, I think God has shown me real life. From 1996 onwards, there was no stop in my career; there was rapid growth and rise. There was all the time limelight. The halo was so artificial. God decided to tell me, you think you are powerful? I will tell you who the hell you are. And he took both my kidneys, and spoilt 70% of my intestines. For one and half years I was away from politics. What crisis of health does to a political person, as depicted in Prakash Jha's Raajneeti, is not at all filmy. With decline of fortune and health, comes the change in attitude of powerful people, moneyed people, industrialists. But this is what politics is. There is only the head, there are only goals, there is only ambition – and for that, anybody can be sacrificed. Even the sacrifice of Amar Singh by Jaya Bachchan for one more Rajya Sabha term is legally and morally justifiable. This is what raajneeti is.

The question - Bipasha...
But the pertinent question you are asking again and again – why, of all person, Bipasha? The answer to that is – in the making of Omkara, I played a pivotal role. I assisted Kumar Mangat a hell of a lot. The credits began with: Thank You, Amar Singh ji. Somebody put two and two together and figured that I had an association with Omkara team.

I am not denying it is my voice – but that is not how I would speak to a lady. I have spoken that line to a naughty male friend of mine – some bitchy men to men talk. It is along the lines of "I have become old, I am not interested in girls" conversation. I'd like to make clear that it is not Bipasha.
I will not tell you with whom I was talking, but he is also a celebrity, he is also a known person. So yes, it is my voice, and I am not embarrassed to accept that. I know a film actor – a faded star – was very hostile towards me, spreading canards about Bipasha and me at that point of time

When Omkara was being made?
Yes, when it was being made and I was actively associated with it. Bipasha had nothing to do with any of it. The objective was to defame me; she just became a victim of crossfire. I am searching for the papa of this tape. Many people are helpless in such situations; but I am not helpless.

Aren't people from Bollywood hesitant to call you now?
Those who used to talk, are still talking. Those who are scared, good luck to them. Bollywood is not particularly worried about such things. If they were worried about that, the Salman Khans and Sanjay Dutts would have left the industry long back.

How much has your once talked-about bond with the Bachchans changed?
So long as I am in my company, I will be in ABCL. If I leave the board of my own company – since I am spending a lot of time in politics – then I will request Mr Bachchan to leave the board of AB Corp also.

That'll be the formal split?
No, it will have no correlation with my strained relationship with – actually there is no strained relationship also, because I cannot afford any strain of relationship with the Bachchans. My deep sense of agony and hurt is with Jaya Bachchan. No other family members has not caused me any agony or hurt. So I have no reason to be apprehensive about their conduct. But unfortunately, in this case, honourable Jayaji happens to be the lady of the house. And if you are not having good terms with the lady of the house...

Your aana-jaana in that home will lessen?
It will almost stop. My affection for Abshishek and Aishwarya, my respect for Amitji, and my good wishes for Jayaji remain the same, but definitely the level of interaction cannot be the same.

Simbhu fights in vain for Tapsee

Tamil star Simbhu, who is reportedly besotted with Telugu actor Tapsee, fought hard with director Dharani to cast her in the Tamil remake of Dabbang, but his efforts were in vain. The popular actor was adamant on casting Tapsee, but director Dharani felt that Telugu actor Richa Gangopadhyay would be the ideal choice. “Simbhu fought hard with director. But the director finalised Richa,” says a source. We have known male stars to recommend their favourite heroines, but never so blatantly. With Vaanam also bombing at the box office, the star needs a “hit”; he should be focused on his work and not poke his nose into the director’s domain.

Minissha reveals all about her detention drama

She's confident that there will be no case against her

Minissha Lamba, who was detained by customs authorities at Mumbai airport for carrying undeclared jewellery worth Rs.50 lakh while returning from her much-hyped visit to the Cannes Film Festival, says there will be no case against her.

"I have given my statement and the fact is that the jewels don't belong to me. They were given to me to wear at Cannes by Anmol Jewellers, so I don't think there is any case against me. The jewelers will be called to verify that those are their jewels and that's it. It's an open and shut case," the 26-year-old actress said.

Minissha was in Cannes for the premier of Woody Allen's 'Midnight In Paris'. She returned May 18 to Mumbai by an Emirates flight via Dubai.

Why was she detained for 16 long hours?

"It was just a procedural thing. It wasn't anything terribly serious. But the whole process is very time consuming. That's why it takes time," said the actress of films like 'Yahaan', 'Kidnap' and 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'.

On May 19, Minissha visited the customs commissioner's office in Mumbai to complete some paperwork, but the jewellery has been confiscated and is now in government custody.

This is not the only problem that Minissha had to face during this trip. The actress also lost her bag at Nice airport. However, she is still in high spirits.

"The Cannes experience was fantastic, only the last day was a bit stressful because I lost my bag and when I returned, I was detained. But otherwise it was great and I don't think anything can mar the experience I had at Cannes," said the actress.

Why Bipasha learnt sign language

It was all for Abbas-Mustan's 'Players' 

It seems Bipasha Basu, who has wrapped up shooting for Abbas-Mustan's 'Players' in Russia, faced a lot of language issues there. She says her sign language skills have improved after her stay in the country.

"Last day in St. Petersburg! Russia is a wonderful and beautiful place! Schedule for 'Players' wraps today! People in Russia are sweet! My skills in sign language have improved after this trip!" Bipasha posted on Twitter.

The movie, a Hindi remake of the American film 'The Italian Job', about a team of thieves, will see her teaming up with Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya and Sikander Kher.

Bipasha says "Russia will surely add great visual appeal to 'Players'!"

In no hurry for Dabangg 2: Arbaaz

Arbaaz Khan concedes that he may produce another film before he takes up the Dabangg sequel

Arbaaz Khan does not want to take any chances when it comes to giving the best for his superhit film Dabangg's sequel. His brother Salmaan Khan is busy with other commitments and he does not want to rush things.

Arbaaz Khan does not want to rush into filming of the sequel to his blockbuster flick Dabangg

"Salman Khan is a big star. He has several films lined up before he gets ready for Dabangg 2. He has to finish Atul (Agnihotri)'s Bodyguard.

Then he has to start two films later this year, one for Yashraj and the other for brother Sohail. This is the first time Salman is working with Yashraj.

And we're all very excited about it."

Arbaaz reluctantly admitted that he might produce another film in the meantime. "If I come across something exciting, or a script that feels right, I'll be happy to pick it up. But the problem is, who will star in a quickie? It's not just Salman who is busy.

Ranbir, Imran, and other actors are all committed for the next couple of years. I'd rather focus on getting Dabangg 2 in place."

Arbaaz is confident that Dabangg has a long shelf life and that the sequel can wait. Recently, he was in Chennai for the mahurat of the Tamil version of Dabangg.

"I met the actors who are playing Salman's role and mine. They are fine artistes and I wish them luck. Dabangg is also being remade in Telugu. The film has such a long shelf life.
Why should I worry about starting the sequel? We need to focus on creating a good product, not on giving headlines to the papers."

The schedule of Dabangg 2 has already been postponed twice. Earlier, shooting was deferred to December 2011, which was again changed to January 2012. According to new plans, the shoot will only begin in the the middle of next year. Meanwhile, the search is on for an item song that can match up to Munni.

As 'RAW' as it gets for Sallu

Salman will play an agent of India's premier external intelligence agency in Kabir Khan's next

Salman Khan seems to be getting ready to play his most realistic character yet.
In Kabir Khan's much talked-about film, that will go on the floors towards the end of the year, Salman will play the role of  an undercover agent for India's external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The role of a secret agent will be quite different from the flamboyant roles Salman has been doing of late

To get into the mind of a RAW agent would require a level of intellectual preparation that Salman, who believes in spontaneity, has never undertaken in his life.

Says a source, "Salman has always been a very spontaneous actor. Woh dil se kaam karta hai. But when he heard the script for Kabir Khan's film, Salman was absolutely fascinated.

He couldn't get over the fact that ordinary civilians sometimes act as undercover government agents. Aisa bhi hota hai kya? he asked Aditya Chopra, who went to Salman with the offer. Salman has agreed to undertake all the preparation needed for the part."

Playing a RAW agent is not quite the same experience as playing a swanky flamboyant guns-and-gals secret agent in the James Bond or Mission Impossible series.

Says the source, "It's far more complicated. Salman has to be a covert not an overt agent. RAW agents are taught to blend with the mainstream, to not stand out in a crowd, to be as nondescript as possible.

And yet, when the need arises, they need to be panther-like in their intellectual and physical agility. Salman has lately been doing extremely flamboyant parts. This one requires him to go the other way."

Saif Ali Khan, too, plays an undercover agent in his home production Agent Vinod. Director Sriram Raghavan has made sure Saif stays within the authentic zone.

But Kabir Khan, with his experience in well-researched documentary and docu-drama feature films, is looking at giving an entirely new dimension to Salman's personality.

When asked if Salman plays a RAW agent in his film Kabir Khan replied, "You know I will not comment on that."
In an earlier tete-a-tete Kabir had said, "Whatever I will direct next will have to be in the realistic space.

My roots are in documentary filmmaking. And even if I make feature films, I can't stray too far away from my origins."

Friday, May 20, 2011

I still cry and get stressed: SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has transcended geographical boundaries and won hearts of millions with his charismatic screen presence, says he doesn't consider himself a star.

"The reason I say I am not a star is because I am completely human. I still cry, I still laugh, I crack jokes, I get stressed, I feel disturbed but I think you people love me so much because I could be human," he told reporters Wednesday at the music launch of his latest production "Always Kabhi Kabhi", releasing June 17. "Even though I have this pedestal where I stand which says I am a big star but actually I am nobody till I work hard to make you smile," added the 45-year-old. To give a Midas touch to the film, Shah Rukh has appeared in a promotional song of the film "Always Kabhi Kabhi". "It's not an item number. It's the beginning of the film.

The music and the lyrics of course make it a peppy number," he clarified. This directorial debut of Roshan Abbas is also launching two new faces - Zoa Morani and Satyajeet Dubey. Actor Giselle Montario of "Love Aaj Kal" fame and Ali Fazal who did a small role in Aamir Khan-starrer " 3 Idiots" play lead roles in the film. Set in a school, "Always Kabhi Kabhi" is about four unique youngsters trying to compete with pressure of growing up and many firsts that everyone experiences in high school. As today's school life has changed a lot, King Khan could hardly identify with any except the determination of the youths to accomplish their goal. "The youth part of the film is the same as it was in my time, but the way they deal with their life has changed.

There are many things in the film that I have not done in my school life. So there are many things I couldn't identify with," said Shah Rukh. "Life has changed so much. But the thing that the film says, follow your dream, I could easily identify with. I never thought that I would come to Mumbai and do so much of work but yes I always aspired to be an actor or a sportsman. The film also shows that we should do something that I am willing to do instead of choosing the way where I can lead an easy life," he added.

Adopt a dog, urges Imran Khan

Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who is getting rave reviews for the trailer of his forthcoming movie "Delhi Belly", has urged people to follow his lead and adopt dogs instead of buying them through a new ad for animal welfare organisation People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The ad features the 28-year-old with his adopted dog, who passed away recently. The message on the ad reads: "Tony Changed My Life. You Can Change a Homeless Dog's Life. Please Adopt." The shot was captured by ace photographer Avinash Gowariker.

"The fact is that there are dogs and cats and all kinds of animals roaming around the streets. Very often people buy dogs, buy cats - they see them as toys or as fashion accessories. They get bored of them and they ... throw them out of the house. That's a very horrible thing to do," said Imran in an exclusive video for PETA.

Imran, who made his debut with "Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na" in 2008, adopted his dog Tony after his friend found him wandering in the streets. Imran filed a complaint with the police and learned that the person Tony had been living with had thrown him out of the house.

"Ultimately it boils down to how much you care. I care a lot about animals. If I see an injured animal, sick animal and essentially any animal I feel I could help in some way, I do that," added the actor, who hopes to open his own animal shelter some day.

According to PETA, around 25 million homeless dogs struggle to survive on the streets in India.

Sanjay Dutt's tattoo for love!

So what if he's 50 something, this Dutt is nothing short of a dude.

While the younger Bollywood brigade is inking names of their lovely other halves, walking arm-in-arm at events, and going overboard with PDA even while the shutterbugs are watching, Sanju believes in the art of love, albeit without making a public spectacle of it.

Apparently, his wife's name is tattooed on his body, but the name reads 'Dilnawaz' (that's Manyata's real name). We don't know if Sunju shared notes (or designs) with Saifoo for this, but we're sure their better halves are proud about the men flaunting their pyar ke nishani. What say?

Does Deepika have a new admirer?

Check out who the mystery man is

Gorgeous Deepika Padukone has always had more than her fair share of male admirers. Sportsmen, in particular, tend to be quite expressive of their fondness for Deepy. Men in blue - M S Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh- were apparently bowled over by her dimpled smile. Then there's Sidhartha Mallya, owner of the Royal Challangers Bangalore IPL team, and her 'very good friend', who can’t seem to get enough of her. And now there's an Australian cricket player who is singing songs for the B'wood hottie.

Recently, at a high-profile bash thrown by Shah Rukh Khan, pace bowler Brett Lee supposedly openly flirted with Deepika. Dressed in a summery jumpsuit, she looked stunning, and we can’t really blame Brett for being smitten. Throughout the night, he is reported to have kept singing songs for her. Deepika was said to have been embarrassed by all the attention she was getting but kept smiling.

We wonder what Junior Mallya was up to that evening…

Ranbir-Imran clash again

This time the two stars will fight it out at the box office

Their incredible chemistry, as hosts on an awards night and in a chat show sometime back, was the talk of T'town. And with it, Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor seemed to show that competitors can be friends. But Bollywood is a tough place to survive in and it doesn’t take too long for friends to turn foes. Is that what's happening with Ranbir and Imran?

After endless comparisons and a certain Miss Kaif, the rumours about a problem between the two began doing the rounds. And the two seemed to keep their distance from one another. But now they might get competing again.

It seems like the duo might be fightong it out at the box office. Imran’s ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Rockstar’ are scheduled to release on the same date (September 9). Incidentally, ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ will see Ranbir’s alleged ex Katrina Kaif opposite Imran.

So who's going to win this round - Imran or Ranbir? Watch this space for updates!


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