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Monday, May 23, 2011

Vidya to enhance her hips!

Vidya Balan goes the Shahid Kapoor way, will use butt-pads to get the 'well rounded' look in Ekta Kapoor’s Dirty Picture

If Vidya Balan playing Silk Smitha in Dirty Picture wasn't outrageous enough, now the actress will be using cosmetic stuffing to increase the girth of her hips for the role.

Vidya, who was initially supposed to gain and then lose weight for her role as the yesteryear item girl, had later backtracked saying she can't gain weight and then lose the extra kilos fast enough.

While, the buzz was that the actress would have to use prosthetics to increase her bust line for part of the film (the very part for which she had to gain a few extra kilos), now the news is that some bulk would be required for the hips as well.

Drawing inspiration from her one time 'good friend' Shahid Kapoor who is rumoured to have taken cosmetic help to make himself look 'well rounded', Vidya too will now be using the very add-on.

The producer Ekta Kapoor in fact has given the charge of making Vidya look voluptuous to AD Shahana and make up person Vikram dada.

While Vidya after shedding her kilos and the 'plump' tag is probably in no mood to gain extra adipose, since the shoot starts May 30, the filmmaker had to resort to desperate measures.

However, it will sure be interesting to see Vidya carry it off. And of course, she can always call Shahid for some tips.

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