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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sushmita is back to ex for good?

Sushmita Sen and ad-filmmaker Manav Menon dated for a brief while and then separated five years ago. That was the last one heard about Manav and Sush.

They both moved on with their lives. Now suddenly years later, the duo seems to be in touch again.

Says a source close to Sush, "Manav is suddenly back in Sush's life, although one is not sure if he is just there as a friend, or more. Sush has always remained in touch with her ex-boyfriends — Vikram Bhatt, Sanjay Narang and Randeep Hooda. In fact, one of the reasons for her split from Manav was that he could not handle her closeness to Randeep. The split wasn't amicable like her other relationships, which is why it is surprising that they are back to being 'friends.' Suddenly after five years, they are together and more than comfortable being in each other's company even in public."

The source adds, "When they were first dating, the actresses' daughter Renee didn't quite take to the hot-tempered and aloof Manav, but this time he is going out of his way to break the ice with the Little Ms Sen. Meanwhile, the couple have been spotted catching up over dinner, coffee, etc. since the last two months. Manav has turned more spiritual in the last few years. Clearly he wants this to work this time around, and is making an effort. So, let's see how things turn out between them." Sush remained unavailable for comment.

Factfile on Sush-Manav romance
Sushmita and Manav dated for a year in 2006 and people speculated that marriage was on the cards. Sush had flown down Israeli tarot reader Ofer Cohen to consult on their relationship and how to take things forward. Their relationship headed a roadblock soon due to incompatibility. Manav was going through a divorce when he was dating the actress.

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