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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salman Khan's life in danger?

King of controversy Salman Khan once again created a buzz. An alleged threat to Salman’s life was reported as the actor mingled with the media recently. Believe it or not, an unidentified man with a revolver was spotted outside a private engineering college in Dongangaon, Nagpur, when the ‘Dabangg’ was interacting with the local media there on May 19.

A cameraman covering the event is said to have got a shot of the mysterious revolver trotting chap.

Salman, however insists that “there is no threat to my life” and pleads with the media not to “spread rumours.”

After the incident, Salman left for the airport immediately and only learnt about the man with the revolver later while en route to Mumbai. “I didn’t see him. It could have been a policeman and not some crazed fan. This is all bakwas! (nonsense)” he exclaimed, trying to play down the incident.

But, the incident didn’t stop the security of Salman to be strengthened. More than a dozen bodyguards were present at the 3rd Rock event held at suburban hotel in Mumbai where Sallu and his co-star Asin’s performance is scheduled to take place on 2 July.

Any clue of the uninvited revolver man still remains a mystery.

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