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Monday, May 23, 2011

Shahid stalks Priyanka!

It's been a while since Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra split. Their relationship became infamous as their constant now-on, now-off status. However, their last split seemed final. But now, Shahid is having second thoughts and wants to give it another try.

Says a source close to the couple, "Shahid is not willing to accept that this is The End. He is having a tough time letting go. He has been sending her feelers for weeks, which she has been ignoring. Now his text messages are somewhere in the stalker zone. Recently, when he heard that she was going to be present at Shah Rukh's party for his team and mingle with the boys, he began to frantically call her. He was anxious like a possessive lover as he wasn't attending the party due to an injury."

A source from the party reveals, "PC was more than excited to meet the likes of Brett Lee. She even broke into an impromptu song. Every one kept cheering her." While she was showing off her vocal range her phone was incessantly flashing 'Shahid calling'. Adds an insider, "He was desperate to talk to her. And she was ignoring his calls and texts. When he couldn't reach her, Shahid began calling their common friends to find out the details of the party. But none of them got back to him."

PC is trying to put her past behind her, while Shahid can't cope with losing her. The source adds, "He has been sending her emotional texts and telling their friends that he misses being with her. But PC is happy to stay good friends." Time for Shaks to see the writing on the wall.

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