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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I will never go bald: Deepika Padukone

Her every move and statement makes headlines. That's probably one reason why actor Deepika Padukone is getting fiercely cagey about her personal life.

Be it her recent visit to the Ajmer Sheriff dargah or her 'good friend' Sidharth Mallya, Deepika isn't willing to talk about anything personal. "It was a private visit to the dargah," she says.

Deepika's last release Aarakshan, did not fetch her rave reviews and there were reports that she is not keen to take up films with serious subjects anymore. "I'd love to do different kinds of films, but I am more comfortable with love stories," she says. How far would she experiment with her looks for a film? "I'll never do anything that disconnects me from the image that the audience have in their minds. For instance, in Karthik Calling Karthik, I sported short hair, but I'll never go completely bald," says Deepika.

The actor is now almost through with the shoot of Desi Boyz that has Akshay Kumar and John Abraham in the lead. "As for Cocktail, it was an emotionally draining project. This is the third time, I'm working with Saif Ali Khan (Love Aaj Kal and Aarakshan). He is a great guy to work with," she says. What about rumours that Kareena Kapoor was insecure about Deepika and hence visited Saif on the sets of Cocktail? "The fact that she came to the sets and chatted with all of us means we have no problems," she replies.

Deepika, who was back home in Bangalore recently, says that she would love to do a Kannada film but hasn't been approached for one. "Though my focus is on Bollywood, I want to do a Kannada film. I'm also not aware of the status of my Tamil film Rana opposite Rajinikanth sir," she says.

Rumour has it that director Ayan Mukherjee played peacemaker between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika, so that she would do his next film. "There was no peacemaking effort. Ranbir, Ayan and I have always been friends." So, is she removing the RK tattoo from the nape of her neck? "It's very personal and I don't think the world needs to know about it," she signs off.

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