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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Bipasha wooing Ranbir?

The newly-single’s latest move is sing praises for her Bachna Aae Haseeno co-star’s forthcoming film, Rockstar. We smell more than applause behind the sweet gesture

Sexy Bipasha Basu recently tweeted: “Really have to share this, Rockstar is by far the best and the most captivating trailer that I have seen. Ranbir looks like a powerhouse performer! :)” Nothing wrong in praising a co-worker, but our suspicious investigative minds tell us a different story. We hear that the newly-single Bips is putting all her heart, mind and energy into her career now. 

High time she did that, especially with younger actors like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor zooming ahead of her in the success lists. While she has all hopes pinned on the Hollywood venture Singularity opposite Josh Hartnett, the sexy leading lady has been making all the right moves and sounds in the industry. The most recent being Bips’ public praise for her Bachna Aae Haseeno co-star, Ranbir Kapoor. Not only did the two share great friendly vibes during the making of the film, but they made a good picture onscreen as well. Also, this is not the first she has done something like this. Apparently Bips has already sent out feelers to Salman Khan’s cronies, trying to get into the good books of the Bodyguard hero. 

We all know that Salman is Bollywood’s man with the Midas touch – every time he has helped a female co-star with her career, it changed for the better. Maybe he can work the same magic for Bipasha, if he wants to! Then a few months ago the Bong bombshell who sizzled even in a deglam role in Lamhaa was spotted having dinner with rising superstar Shahid Kapoor. So she can’t blame us for digging up any hidden agenda in her latest move, can she!

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