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Monday, September 5, 2011

Sonakshi: I have no time for men

Sonakshi Sinha comes clean on her equation with B-Town's three superstars -- Sallu, SRK and Akki -- and newbie Ranveer Singh

You are doing a TV show, Live My Life, with Salman Khan's archrival Shah Rukh Khan. Are you not worried about rubbing your Dabangg co-actor the wrong way?
Not at all! It's about professionalism at the end of the day. I had to work with Shah Rukh Khan at some point of time, so I really don't think Salman would have any objections. My life is my life, and what happens between them is their personal matter. I have met Shah Rukh. He is very cordial and encouraging. He liked my work in my first film.

Which other Khan, besides Salman, would you like to work with?
I am here in this industry to work with everyone. I don't believe in camps. Even in school, I used to hang out with every group without getting into any particular one.

Given an option, whose life would you like to lead for a day?
I want to live Steven Spielberg's life. I want to know what that man thinks and how he comes up with such amazing films.

Would you consider yourself his biggest fan then?

Actually, I have always been my father's biggest fan. Whenever he would come back from shooting, I would take his autograph on my hands.

Ranveer Singh said in an interview that he is attracted to you. Has he ever asked you out?
No he hasn't. I have met him very few times at award functions and we have done a photo shoot together. That's about it.

Now that he is single, the road is clear for you...
(Snorts) I don't want any roads to be cleared. I am single by choice. I really have no time for men.

Rumour mills say Anushka Sharma and Ranveer split because of your proximity with the latter?
It is a very silly rumour. I have no proximity with him.

Buzz is you may be signing a film with him soon...
Nothing has come along yet, but I would like to work with him.

Two films back-to-back with Akshay Kumar. Is it just a coincidence or you are really fond of him?
He is a very good co-star. Once you have great working rapport, everything else falls into place. I look forward to working with him.

Fashion experts say you look good in a desi clothes only. Can you carry off a super glam role?
Of course I can! In the upcoming Race 2, I have a very glamorous look.

Your weight is creating a lot of news. Are you really losing out on projects because of that?
Not at all! I have got six films lined up.

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