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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nagarjuna averts clash with RGV !

If we have to speak about either Nagarjuna’s or Ram Gopal Varma’s achievements in filmisthan then we should surely mention the other name. Or else it would be incomplete. There is no Nagarjuna without Shiva and obviously no Shiva without Ram Gopal Varma, and vice versa.

Both these are actually set to clash at the box office in a few days. Nagarjuna’s Gaganam and Ram Gopal Varma’s KSD Appalraju are slated for release on Feb 4. Both the films come under experimental category as Nagarjuna eluded all the commercial clichés for Gaganam and RGV isn’t making Appalraju as a regular film.

It would have been interesting to see who comes first in this fight but the buzz says that Gaganam won’t be releasing on Feb 4. As per the unconfirmed reports it is postponed by a week, which means it will release on Feb 11. Nevertheless, we could still bring in comparisons and see who comes out winner in this clash.

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