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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salman Khan: 'I am Katrina's bodyguard'

Actor Salman Khan calls Kaif, his supposed ex, a family member, denies any change in their 'good friends' equation Katrina Kaif readily agreed to shake a leg for Bodyguard's title number, title number, and didn't even ask for a fee.

Not surprisingly, her 'friend' Salman Khan also refers to her as part of his family. With this item number, the rumoured ex couple are back on screen together after Yuvvraj (2008), and rumours about their reunion are running strong again.

Ask Salman about it and he shoots back, "What's there to react? Katrina and I are also doing Ek Tha Tiger together. Likhne waale likhenge jo unka man karega (those who have to write will write whatever they want); they have time to write such things. Why should I waste my energy on it? We would rather work harder on our films."

A few days back, a tabloid quoted Katrina as saying thus: 'I can't deny my equation with him (Salman) has changed.' But Salman isn't amused. "What equation? I really don't know what she said. As far as I am concerned, our equation is absolutely the same as earlier," says the Dabangg (2010) star.

But doesn't Salman feel such reports stem from the fact that they were in a relationship earlier? "Did I say so? Or did she say so?" he questions. "We've always maintained that we're good friends and get along absolutely fine." And even as they shoot for Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger, Kat has stated that she's comfortable working with him.

"Yes, she is very comfortable with me and my entire family. In fact, she is a part of the family. We have known her for the longest time now," says Salman, adding further in jest, "Like in the movie, I play Kareena's character's bodyguard, like that I am Katrina's bodyguard."

Speaking of Bodyguard, Salman claims he was always aware of its potential. In fact, when the film was being made in Malayalam, he heard the script and thought of picking it up. "I haven't seen the Malayalam version. Atul (Agnihotri) watched it, but even before he saw it, I had told him, 'It has an amazing plot. Pick it up. Picture hit ho, flop ho (whether the film is a hit or flop), get the story,'" he says.

Considering Salman has done high-flying action in all his films, including Wanted (2009), Dabangg and Ready, is it all physical ly demanding for him? "Th most difficult one in terms of physical strain has been Veer (2010). But so far, I am capable of doing them (stunts) physically and am getting away with it," he says, adding, "And I say it because I've done all the stunts myself in my movies So I have been extremely lucky to do all the stunts safely and without any injury."

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