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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ranbir & I are still friends: Deepika Padukone

You could say that Deepika Padukone is one of the busiest actresses on the circuit currently.

While her next film -Aarakshan, with Saif Ali Khan - is releasing this week, she's got an interesting repertoire of upcoming films that's the envy of most B-Town actresses. There's the rom-com Desi Boyz, the action thriller Race 2, a new age love story Cocktails, Rajnikanth's Rana and an untitled big banner production that will be announced soon. She's way ahead of most of her contemporaries and industry opinion states that she is one of the next superstars of this generation. BT finds out what's been keeping her on her toes lately.

After Love Aaj Kal you are back again with Saif Ali Khan in Aarakshan and then Cocktails. Buzz is that there is a bond developing between you two.
Love Aaj Kal is a very special film for me. Post that, Saif and I are coming together in a couple of more films. I am glad filmmakers have offered us roles together. There is certainly a comfort level with Saif as we have worked together. There is always a certain comfort level when you have already worked with an actor and I'm glad that post the success of Love Aaj Kal, people want to see us in more films together.

Talking of the comfort level between co-stars, after Om Shanti Om why hasn't Shah Rukh Khan worked with you again?
SRK said to me once at a party that the film we did was so big and special that our next film has to be as big or bigger. He'll always be my most special co-star, and when the time is right I am sure something will happen.

You've said that Ranbir Kapoor is still a close friend, but on Karan Johar's show it didn't seem so. What has changed between now and then?
Nothing has changed. We were friends then and we are friends now.

If you sign a film with Ranbir, it will automatically become one of the most anticipated films. Do you see that happening?
Why not? It should happen.

Does Sidhartha (Mallya) watch all your films?
I don't think he's watched too many Hindi films.

What makes for a romantic relationship?
First of all to love with all your heart without expecting. Also, trust, compatibility, space, patience and no ego.

Do you have a 3am friend in the industry?
I would pick up the phone and call Shahana (Goswami), Neelie, Imran and Avantika (Khan), RK (Ranbir Kapoor), Ayaan (Mukerji) and Dinesh Vijan.

Recently in Zoom's popular star survey you featured high up. Your Dum Marro Dum song, though controversial, worked big time with the youth. What connects you so strongly with them?
I owe it to my choice of films and endorsements. Also as I mentioned earlier, since childhood I have been extremely focused, ambitious and sure of what I want to do. Today's youth is also focused and ambitious, so I guess they feel a connect in that sense.

Actresses are either beautiful or they are hot. You are one of the rare ones who is often referred to as both. What do you think helps more: being beautiful or hot ?
Being hot or beautiful is the way you feel at a given point of time, but what is more important is to be a good human. That's what people remember you for. That's what lasts.

You are 25 and have just bought one of the most expensive homes in the city. How does it feel to have achieved this at such a young age?
I do feel a small sense of achievement because I have worked hard for it.

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