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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kangna & Ameesha fight over Sanjay Dutt!

Ameesha Patel is trying hard to get back to the spotlight, but controversy follows her more closely than fame does. Now it’s a catfight with Kangna Ranaut that is making her talked about…

B-town is known for its rickety relationships and frequent quarrels. The newest and perhaps most mysterious one that’s doing the rounds of the Bollywood radar lately is the Ameesha-Kangna brawl. The two are apparently extremely close to the Dutt family and can go to any extent to fight for the attention of Sanjay and Manyataa by edging each other out, fairly or not. Some say it’s an attempt to improve their careers, while other sources close to them are plain clueless. Now all this hasn’t gone down too well with Amee darling and she has literally hit back with a vengeance. “Sometimes people (Kangna) can do things for their own publicity. I don’t know her at all. She has just printed things on her own,” Ameesha growled on a TV show recently. She claimed that she doesn’t even know Kanga properly, let alone being friends with her or having a rift with her. What we fail to comprehend is why anyone would want to be close to Sanjay Dutt, of all people, the actor who himself is trying hard to re-establish himself in the industry. A Movie like Chatur Singh Two Star isn’t exactly the perfect launch pad for getting back into business for either Sanjay or Ameesha. And Kangna, we suggest you get back to your scary schizophrenic kind of roles, that’s any day better than your strategy to play such publicity hungry games.

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