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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bebo cuts short UK trip

Shammi Kapoor’s demise seems to have affected granddaughter Kareena. The actress, who is known to have kept a distance from her family along with her sister Karisma has decided to be with them in after the tragic loss of Shammi Kapoor. The buzz is that the Kapoor girl, who missed her grandfather’s funeral on Monday, will cut short her UK trip to attend the first few days of the 13-day-long puja. Rumour has it that it was her boyfriend Saif who convinced her to do so.

“She left for the UK with Salman Khan for the promotion of Bodyguard, but she has requested him to allow her to return home soon so that she can be with her family. Her uncle Rishi Kapoor is said to be pleased with her newfound involvement in family affairs,” said a source.

Years ago it was Karisma who had started to withdraw herself from family gatherings, owing to the cold relations between her aunt Neetu Kapoor and mother Babita. Kareena, however, had left some room to make peace. On Sunday afternoon, when both sisters rushed to their grandfather’s residence, Kareena was seen interacting with her uncles and aunts. A source says, “They have taken Shammiji’s death as a personal loss. Even though they never got much time to spend with the rest of the family, Kareena has always been cordial with them. She has shown no qualms in praising her cousin Ranbir every time he delivered a hit film.”

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