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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Katrina wont entertain Ranbir!

The actress seems in no mood to entertain questions pertaining to her alleged ex.

From being a pretty prop to a promising actor... Katrina Kaif has certainly come a long way. The blue eyed girl of various popular filmmakers in Bollywood today, prefers to call a spade a spade.

The outspokenness however starts to fade the moment 'Ranbir Kapoor' comes into the picture.

As per various reports, Katrina had allegedly turned down Wake Up Sid director Ayaan Mukerjee's forthcoming film, to be produced by Karan Johar only because Ranbir Kapoor was cast opposite her in the lead.

A press release was however sent by Katrina's publicist soon after which cited date issues to be the real cause (and not Ranbir).

"Katrina Kaif had to opt out of the film due to prior commitments. Katrina was very keen on working with Karan Johar but couldn't rework the dates to allot for the film, thanks to schedules already set in place", stated the press release.

We met Katrina recently and just to clarify asked if she was open to working with Ranbir in near future. In a chat, Kat reiterated, "I didn't have dates and thus couldn't do Ayaan's film. I prefer doing not more than two films in a year so that I can focus on those films completely."

The actress answered part of our question but conveniently remained tight lipped on Ranbir Kapoor as she chose to avoid the topic altogether. The silence definitely implied a lot more than what was stated.

Guess unlike Deepika and Sonam, Katrina seems to have taken the high road and has chosen to maintain silence about her equation with the Kapoor heartthrob.

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