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Monday, August 15, 2011

John, Bipasha have a pact!

Actors John Abraham and Bipasha Basu may have split after nine years of being together.

They shared a healthy relationship and made a handsome pair until now. Reports came out that the two avoid each other and won't even exchange a word when their paths cross these days, and their friends only feel sorry that it should have come to this.

However we are told that John and Bipasha have a kind of break-up pact. The two had decided that they wouldn't wash their dirty linen in public, come what may! Also, Bipasha may have gone to the press with their break-up news, and John was taken aback with the things she said.

The two then came to a conclusion that they wouldn't talk about the break-up at all. So while Bipasha maintains a no-comments stance when questions of John are posed to her, John simply asks 'what are you talking about?' And that's exactly what happened when the media questioned them about ignoring each other when they landed up at the gym at the same time.

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