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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sonakshi says no to Ranveer!

The actor has denied rumours that she will be entering the reality show

Speculation about the contestants on Bigg Boss 5 is running high, but one more rumour has just bit the dust. Lara Dutta has rubbished reports that she will be participating in the reality show. The actor tweeted, ‘I’m in BIG Boss 5 ???!!! That’s the funniest rumour I’ve heard so far!!:- D’. Come on all you rumour mongers! At least spread gossip that’s somewhat believable. Lara is still a newlywed, why will she agree to spend three months with strangers when she has a doting husband at home? Plus, there is the baby to think about. Lara will never be stupid enough to enter the house when she is pregnant! We trust the former Miss Universe to have that much sense. Don’t you?

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