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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kat breaks down after Salman's jibes

These portions were edited out of Bigg Boss and the actress reshot the scenes

Most people who saw Bigg Boss on Saturday night could sense how uncomfortable Katrina Kaif appeared in the presence of ex-beau Salman Khan. Though she kept up appearances, despite his constant jibes at her.

The actress, who has made several television appearances to promote her film Tees Maar Khan, looked nervous and awkward. Obviously, it was not without reason.

Khan, who is known for his whacko and weird sense of humour, drove the actress to the edge.

He made digs at her about working with Ranbir Kapoor, her favourite co-star Akshay Kumar and even her ability (or rather inability?) to speak Hindi.

Though it was all in good fun, the pressure of being on national TV with her former flame, was just too much for the actress and she just snapped after a point.

Says a source, "Before the shoot, things appeared extremely cool. When Farah and Katrina arrived on the sets, Sallu played the perfect host.

They even indulged in a game of cricket at his chalet, near the Bigg Boss house. While Farah chose to be a spectator, Kat did a bit of batting while Salman bowled.

Everything looked fine but once the cameras rolled, so did the host's witty remarks which were outright sarcastic."

Adds the source, "As Farah stepped inside the Bigg Boss house, Kat was left alone on stage for a greater part of the show. At first, she played along but after a point she couldn't take his digs."

She broke down and retreated to her make-up room. When she returned, the portions were re-shot. The offending parts were not aired.

Farah maintains, "Katrina did not show that she was upset by Salman's comments at least not in front of me. I reached the sets late, so I don't know what happened before."

The source continues, "Kat was professional enough and stuck on, teary- eyed, as she was there to promote TMK."

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