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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Asin & Sallu stuck on a tree for 3 days!

A simple scene turned into a nightmare for Salman Khan and Asin when the two had to hang from a tree for three days

It was meant to be a simple jungle sequence to be shot in Goregaon's Film City for Anees Bazmi's forthcoming film, Ready, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the lead pair, Salman Khan and Asin.

The scene revolved around Asin being lost in a jungle, and scampering up a tree, with Khan following suit. Says a unit source, "Both Salman and the director were not sure if Asin could carry it off. Climbing a high tree is not quite what you'd expect a heroine to do, especially since this was a massive tree with sprawling branches. One look at the size of the tree and the director decided to use a duplicate for Asin and Salman."

But Asin would hear none of it. "She insisted on doing the dangerous scene herself. Salman looked at her as if she was crazy. He finally said, 'Lady, you have balls of steel.' A harness was attached to her shoulders, and she was lowered on to the tree. Salman had no choice but to follow suit," says the source.

What was meant to be a simple shot, took three whole days to complete. "The unit had not anticipated disruptions and distractions from other film units that were shooting in the jungle. Suddenly there was a funeral procession that passed under the tree, and that had Salman and Asin crack up."

Many other distractions too brought the shooting to a grinding halt.

So exhausted were the two actors, that the shoot had to be cancelled. Asin's shoulders were numb because of the pressure from the harness.

"Salman and I were shooting on top of a tree for three days. Was it dangerous? I don't care! It is my childhood fantasy to climb a tree," laughed Asin.

That's a heavy price to pay to see your fantasy come true!

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