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Monday, December 20, 2010

When Ash lost her luggage

Here's how the star reacted

Losing your luggage after a flight is the kind of nightmare that rattles most people. When you're a star, travelling with loads of designer clothes, on your way to an event, it can be a nightmare raised to the power 200. So how did Aishwarya Rai react when her baggage was misplaced when she was travelling from Delhi to Chennai?

We hear that Ash was coolness personified when this happened. Apparently, the bags of a lot of other passengers were not loaded on the flight either. And when the announcement was made at Chennai airport, Aishwarya, who we hear was dressed in tracks, reacted super calmly. No star tantrum there, she just asked her manager to organise clothes and accessories for her so she could dress formally as the event required.      

It's not everyday that we have our stars react like this to a problem. Actually, we don't know anyone who takes losing luggage calmly, so we're impressed, Ash!

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