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Thursday, December 23, 2010

After the Bigg wedding, Sara-Ali split

No divorce but it's confirmed. Married Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan and wild card entry Ali Merchant are not together anymore

Their wedding was a spectacle on national television, but there is even more tamasha going on in the lives of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant now. Their marriage is going kaput!

Buzz is that they are fed up of each other and want to go their separate ways.

Is this yet another farce? Another dose of histrionics from the small screen stars? Just like going through their nuptials yet again in Bigg Boss even though they were married earlier or is the marital discord for real?

Says a source, "Ever since the Bidaai actress made an exit from Bigg Boss, she had been squabbling with her hubby over monetary issues. This led to a huge showdown as Sara felt Ali had squandered her earnings."

Adds the source, "Sara who is now shooting for Ram Milaayi Jodi was shocked to know that Ali had turned extra extravagant when she was away in the house.

A few days ago, they had a massive argument leading to a bitter fight with Sara telling him to leave their Lokhandwala home. Ali has since then been staying with his parents."

Sara's official spokesperson confirms, "It's a personal matter but yes it's true. Sara and Ali are not together anymore.

After she got back from the Bigg Boss house she found out a lot of things and was hurt and she took this decision. That's all we can say."

While Ali maintains, "Yes, I am not staying with her. But it is not due to any problems between us. It is because of her family members who still do not accept me.

I want to win their approval and then live with Sara. I need time to win them over and I feel it is better I am not with Sara for the moment."

He adds, "Sara's family had issues with me from Day One. They were the ones who went around saying that we were already married earlier and stayed away from the wedding celebrations in Bigg Boss."

Ali was a wild card participant in Bigg Boss. Immediately after his entry, their wedding was announced on the reality show.

Buzz was that Colors had paid them a whopper of a paycheque to enact their wedding on-air to garner TRPs.

Though, in the house, she gave the impression that she was getting close to housemate Ashmit Patel, she sprung a surprise when she said she wanted to get married to Ali in the house.

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