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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rakhi insults man on reality show again

Small-time actor alleges humiliation on national television, takes to drinking and meets with an accident

Item girl turned television host Rakhi Sawant has a strange effect on men. And not all of it is good.

After an FIR was lodged in Uttar Pradesh's Jhansi district, where a local resident died weeks after appearing on her show, when she allegedly called him "naamard", it's now the turn of 53 year-old Abhay Ashiyana who turned to alcohol after facing bouts of depression. 

On Thursday night, a drunk Ashiyana was jaywalking when he met with an accident.

The small-time actor had appeared on the show last Monday, following which he had received incessant calls from friends and relatives asking about his fallout with his wife.

"I had a fallout with my wife over certain personal reasons. On the show, they aired only my wife's point of view instead of presenting both sides of the story. When I saw the episode, I was surprised. Rakhi humiliated me on the show," says Ashiyana. Since then, Ashiyana says he turned to alcohol. "I get almost 50 calls a day. The show has ruined my life."

According to the police, Ashiyana left his home in Charkop on Thursday, and was beaten and robbed of his belongings. Later, an auto driver escorted him to the Borivali police station. Ashiyana claims he was drunk and met with an accident. He had Rs 55,000 in cash, which he was robbed of, he claims but says he cannot remember the details of the incident.

Ashiyana has fractured his leg and sustained injuries on his face and head. He has been admitted to Borivali's Bhagwati Hospital.

In the earlier suicide case, medical reports of the Jhansi hospital where Laxman died after he gave up eating, described his condition as "tension-stricken". Following this his mother Savitri Devi lodged an FIR accusing Sawant of abetment to suicide. 

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