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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shahid refuses to strip on screen

According to the reports in the media, Shahid Kapoor was approached by writer-director Manish Gupta for his next film Hostel. However, Shahid refused to do the film as the script demanded him to go full monty for the role. The actor suggested that he is not comfortable doing nude scenes.

The director was very disappointed with his refusal, but Shahid was adamant on not reading the script any further. Nevertheless, Manish kept hunting for the lead of the film and he approached Kunal Khemu, who even refused for the film.

Then he approached Shreyas Talpade, who even denied to play the role where he had to go naked for a scene. Manish's hunt for the lead of his film got over when he met Vatsal Sheth, who accepted the offer and had no problem with the script. The director then confirmed that he will shoot Vatsal in a proper way, wherein the dignity of the actor will not be affected.

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