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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sonam Kapoor's new BFF

So far Sonam has worked with much married Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan. The bachelors in her list have been Ranbir Kapoor and Abhay Deol. While Imran Khan was already engaged when Sonam started shooting with him, Shahid Kapoor has been involved in his own on-off relationships.

There was a buzz in the town recently about Sonam and Shahid having ego clashes at the set of “Mausam”. Well, like most of the other rumors, this rumor is also baseless and the actress puts an end to it.

“Utter rubbish. It’s very sad that such things come up about people I’ve had a great time working with”, said the actress giving a hint that the reports given were about her being unhappy with the leisurely shooting schedule of the director Pankaj Kapoor.

It’s been long since the movie has come into talks and is running behind schedule. To this the actress says, “Since it has been hit by a few mishaps and production issues, besides me falling ill, things have been exaggerated. But it’s a special film for me.”

Curbing down all the rumors about the rift between her and her co-star, Sonam goes on to appreciate Shahid by saying, “Shahid is superb. And I say that because he is really hard-working and takes his job very seriously. He is an actor who always gives his 100 per cent.”

Well, we hope to see a strong chemistry between the two in the movie. We hope that without delaying more Pankaj Kapoor releases it soon.

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