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Monday, June 27, 2011

Aamir Khan's near death experience !

Aamir Khan's latest crime thriller movie directed by Reema Kagti shoot has been delayed as Aamir met with near death accident on the sets. Don't panic seeing the above sentence, Aamir is not injured but his body double suffered near-death accident on the sets of Reema Kagti’s untitled film.

The news of Aamir Khan who acted as a superhero in the sets is creating a lot of buzz around Bollywood. It is said that while at a shooting there was a dangerous scene which had to be shot. Presumably there was his body double who was planned to be used. The scene that was to be shot was that of Aamir Khan jumping off a cliff. When his body double did the shot it resulted in a massive mistiming as the actor almost plunged to his death.

Sources close to the actor who was at the sets of this accident says that everyone was so worried for the body double of Aamir Khan. The accident they say could have easily resulted in the death of Aamir Khan's body double. After the accident it was said that Aamir Khan along with everyone rushed to the place of the accident. He immediately canceled all the shooting that was to take place for the day. He took the body double of his to the hospital and ensured that he gets the best possible treatment.

Well this is infact a good gesture from the actor to actually worry for a stuntman who did a role the actor was supposed to do. Let's hope that the double of Aamir Khan gets well soon and is back on his feet.

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