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Friday, December 3, 2010

No panty girl Yana Gupta sued

Model-turned-actress Yana Gupta is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. She hit the headlines last week for attending an international children's charity event without underwear. Now, this stunt has put her into trouble.

Yana Gupta, the photographer who clicked her pantyless photos and the organizer of the event, Sushila Nirali have been sued for the 'pantyless stunt'. Rizwan Ahmed, a social activist from Lucknow, has filed a case against the three for obscenity under section 292/ 293 and 294 of the IPC in the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Lucknow. The Magistrate has now summoned them for hearing December 6.

"I have filed a case against Yana Gupta, the photographer who took her photograph and also the event organizer who allowed such a thing to happen at her event. It is indeed shameful that a person of Yana Gupta's repute could stoop so low for publicity. I was shocked to see the picture of the actor that appeared in papers," The Times of India quoted Ahmed as saying."What offended me most was what Yana posted on her social networking site about now being known as 'the no-panty girl.' I find this extremely offensive," he added.

Ahmed also alleged that the actress and the photographer did it intentionally to garner publicity. “Also, one may forget to dress properly at a party or in one's house, but certainly not at a public function meant for children. If it was a malfunction why didn't Yana say so when the photographs appeared or why didn't she lodge a complaint against the photographer?" Ahmed continued.

Well, it maybe recalled that Yana was photographed sans panties at an international children's charity event held recently. She tried to avoid being photographed but could not cover her short black dress. The photographers managed to get what they wanted – Yana Gupta without underwear pics.

Surprisingly, the actress laughed off the fashion
faux pas rather than being embarrassed. She said that she would be now known as a ‘no-panty girl’ and that she should feature in underwear brand commercial

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