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Monday, July 18, 2011

Language no bar, feels Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia is back in the news again for the argument she has put forth regarding her upcoming film From Gandhi To Hitler. It seems some critics have lashed out at the film for certain linguistic issues. And to counter them, the actress has raised a question that if illiterate characters are shown speaking in English in Slumdog Millionaire, then why can’t her character in FGTH speak Hindi even though she plays a German.

“We haven’t spoken German throughout the film because we didn’t feel the need to. I don’t think many minded when the uneducated, poor characters in Slumdog Millionaire spoke fluent English. I am not saying we should have objected to that. But then if we accepted that, there is no reason why Hitler or Eva can’t speak in Hindi. After all, once you are 10 minutes into a film, language becomes rudimentary,” says Neha who plays Eva Braun, Hitler’s wife.

This is Neha’s first-ever biopic, that too one where she essays the challenging role of Hitler’s lover and wife for 40 hours. The film brings alive the last few days of the dictator’s life when he spent some heartfelt moments with Eva. She strongly defends the makers of the film who didn’t compromise on any account at the cost of the product.

“In an industry, where everyone makes a romcom the moment they have the money, hats off to my directors who chose to take a different road. It is so unfair when instead of coming out with good support for such ventures, some of us are being critical on flimsy grounds. Can we not get trapped in this mentality please?” Will her pleas go some way in saving her flailing career? We can only wait and watch as the drama unfolds.

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