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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sushmita gets inked

Getting inked has been one of Sushmita Sen’s fetishes for a while now. And she has now got a brand new tattoo on her left forearm.

This one is inscribed in Latin ‘Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam’, which means ‘I’ll either find a way or make one.’

Even though she has a range of tattoos, she insists on only one man to put them on her: Sameer Patange.

Reportedly, she has three other permanent tattoos on her arms and one on her back. She got her first tattoo on her left wrist, which reads, ‘I am’.

A source close to the actress reveals, “Another tattoo that reads ‘Temptation’ on her right arm, has the ‘T’ shaped like a dagger. The second one on her left wrist reads ‘soli deo glory’, which is Latin for ‘Glory to God alone’. However, not many know about the tattoo on her lower back, which is that of a tiger cub and is one of her favourites.”

While we debate the choice of the animal, Sush tells us why she likes the latest one, “I like this tattoo because it’s a truth I live by!”

Going by the meaning, it seems Sush is never in a dilemma. Wow.

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