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Monday, December 6, 2010

Yana Gupta offered 1 Crore to go nude

Yana is in news from the day she got captured pantyless by shutterbugs.The pictures are popular on internet and the act is talk of the town now. Apart from people in india, it seems that the act has been well noticed around the globe.

As a result an UK based men's magazine has offered her one crore to go nude for their cover. After the pantyless act , the demand for yana gupta pictures has risen drastically on internet and if we go by rumours, then at a recent Mumbai wedding hot topic was her pics. Websites and even some publications for adults are flooded with those pics and are searching for more via the cameramen and media present on the international children's charity event where this happened.

Yana's popular item number 'Babuji Zara Dhire Chalo' was a hit and she shot to fame with that. Now seems that this panty act has done got her some fame.Recently commenting on this act of hers, the film director Farah Khan wrote in her Twitter page, "SM1 Yana Gupta pls buy a underwear.kya Yaar."

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