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Friday, December 3, 2010

Neetu's Bhojpuri film about migration issues

Bihar-born actress Neetu Chandra wants to break stereotypes in Bhojpuri cinema with her debut production venture Deswa, which she says will show the eastern state in good light, drawing attention to migration issues.

"For the first time, Bihar will be shown in a good light through this film. I want people to look at Bihar with their eyes and not ears. Whatever is spoken about Bihar is what has been heard of. In reality, its a great state that gave birth to legends like Ashoka, Bismillah Khan, Rajendra Prasad and others," Neetu told PTI.

The Bollywood actress, who has her roots in Patna, is producing the film under the banner Champaran Talkies.

Deswa will be hitting big screens on February 4 next year while it will have a curtain raiser for delegates at IFFI in Goa, hours before the festival gets over in Panaji.

The film is being directed by Neetu's brother Nitin Chandra and features theatre actors from Bihar, with a focus on migration.

"The movie revolves around three youths and their struggle in life considering the trend of migration.What will happen to Bihar with such migration happening," Neetu said.

The actress-model is a bit critical about Bhojpuri cinema and says it does not appeal to her.

"I don't say Bhojpuri films are vulgar but I don't find them appealing. To a certain level, I can't watch a Bhojpuri movie with my family," she said.

Neetu, who has a guest appearance in the film, says 'Deswa' is not a hardcore Bihari film.

"Its a story which can be seen by kids and elders of the family sitting together."

Kranti Jha, a well known name in the world of theatre plays the role of Rajiv Kumar in the film. Along with him, Deepak Singh, a native of Siwan, is essaying the role of Sankar Pandey.

Ajay Kumar, a National School of Drama graduate who is associated with a number of prominent national-international theatre groups, and Arti Puri too have a major role in the film. It also stars veteran character actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

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