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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Neha Dhupia creates history

Actress Neha Dhupia may not have achieved much during her short career in Bollywood but she has created magic down south. Makers of upcoming Telugu film Parama Veera Chakra were so impressed by her voice (not her acting skills!) that they have decided to make use of the husky baritone voice for the film. And the actress has just created history because this makes Neha, the first lady from Bollywood to dub her own voice for a Telugu film.

Reports say that, director Dasari Narayana Rao describes Neha Dhupia’s voice as “unmatchable”. In fact, while the filming process for the upcoming project was still going on, the director was worried as to who will match up to the voice quality that the Bollywood actress possessed.

Neha Dhupia is also very excited about the upcoming venture and is all geared up to mouth a completely unknown language. Till today, Neha was regarded as one of the sexiest actresses in the Hindi film industry. Parama Veera Chakra has discovered her new talent.

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