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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aamir Khan using Sourav to fire at SRK?

Is Aamir Khan helping Sourav Ganguly get back at Shah Rukh Khan? Or is he using Sourav to get at SRK? Both angles seem to be right at this juncture.

Well, it does seem so at the outset. It can be recalled that long ago, when Aamir Khan was promoting his film 3 Idiots, he even landed up at Sourav Ganguly’s house in Kolkata disguised as Sourav’s fan. Sourava did help him out on that front as well in promoting his movie. And it seems that Aamir wants to pay back Sourav by coming on his TV show as his guest. Sourav is hosting the Bengali version of Kaun Banega Crorepati and Aamir will be the guest on the show.

It can be recalled that Shah Rukh Khan was earlier the host of the show in Hindi when host Amitabh Bachchan was indisposed. And now Sourav will be doing what SRK has done before. The problems between SRK and Sourav have been manifold and they have had a showdown when Sourav was captaining SRK’s cricket team at the IPL – Kolkata Knight Riders. Sourav was later sacked from the team and later absorbed by Pune Warriors.

Aamir has also played a tactical game. If the denizens of Kolkata were fans of SRK before because he owned the Kolkata team, they will now be fans of Aamir Khan because he is the new friend of Sourav Ganguly. After SRK dropped Ganguly from the team, he has lot of lot of fans who are waiting to switch loyalties to the star that supports their Dada (Sourav).

Also Aamir will be seen promoting his production Delhi Belly which releases on the first of July through the show. Aamir Khan had earlier taken several digs at Shah Rukh Khan. He had even named his dog as Shah Rukh apart from calling himself No 1 and Shah Rukh as the No 2 actor in Bollywood.

The games Bollywood stars play to get attention are indeed noteworthy.

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