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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Veena comes in between Sara and Ashmit

Dolly Bindra, who entered the house this week as a wild card entrant reveled the nomination news to Veena and Ashmit. On which, Ashmit had one-on-one talk with Sara and ended up fighting with her. However, Sara tried her best to explain him the reason, but Ashmit accused her of practicing pretense friendship. He said that this act of Sara was a breach of trust and has ended up the friendship between them.

Well, it looks like Veena Malik has come in-between Sara and Ashmit's friendship. Ashmit's insecurity in losing Veena forced him to act strongly with Sara. Nominating the inmates for the elimination round every week was a right given to all the 'Bigg Boss' housemates. Sara thus had merely accessed her voting rights.

Well!!! looks like love has once again come in between friendship. Keep looking out for this space to get more updates on 'Bigg Boss 4' on Colors.
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