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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ramu apologises to Mahie Gill for erotic sequences

While shooting for Ram Gopal Varma's Not a Love Story  based on Neeraj Grover's murder, RGV sends an sms to his lead actress apologising, for making her enact intense love scenes in the film

What on earth could've prompted a brazen unabashedly abrasive man like, Ram Gopal Varma to send an apology via SMS to his Not A Love Story leading lady Mahie Gill?

Mahie Gill, who plays Maria Susairaj's character in RGV's next, has assured the director that she is comfortable with doing intimate scenes if the script demands it

Acting uncharacteristically, Ramu sent the actress a text message saying sorry after she had to perform intense love-making sequences with Deepak Dobriyal.

Apparently the love scenes between the two were so intense and torrid that Ramu left the sets and allowed an assistant to be present until the two actors finished their libidinous business.

Recalling the incident, Mahie (who seems to have a very different opinion of Ramu from what he projects) laughed, "Ramuji was very apologetic about the love making sequences.

I had to reassure him it was fine. Deepak and I were just doing our job. But Ramuji was really disturbed, almost as if he was subjecting a close relative a daughter or a sister to an uncomfortable situation.

After Deepak and I finished the love scene, he sent me a message saying sorry."

For a filmmaker who likes to be known as a ladies' man and has apparently had a string of romantic involvements, it comes as a surprise to know how shy he is of love-making sequences.

Mahie maintained, "I did enquire about the torrid scenes.

He explained to me that the nature of the relationship between the girl and the guy who together kill her former lover was so desperate and passionate that the impact couldn't be achieved without the acute intensity onscreen."

She asserted that she had never done skin show before. But came to terms with Ramu's requirement. "I think this was the first time he was directing love-making scenes.

I was really surprised at how shy he was. Contrary to his image he is quiet, withdrawn and a shy person.

Certainly no ladies' man,"she said We asked Ramu about the kissing scenes in his movie, he chuckled.

"Maybe I've just grown up. Jokes apart, the intensity of the emotions between the couple is very high in the movie.
There are three long kissing scenes between Deepak Dobriyal and Mahie Gill.

I have to confess I've never had couples kissing in my films before except a fleeting kiss between Abhishek Bachchan and Antara Mali in Naach.

Taking about this film, he mentioned, "It was necessary for me to show that such a thing happened (the murder) in Not Love Story because of uncontrollable emotions.

I firmly believe no one is intrinsically bad. It's just circumstances that make them do some irrational things and then they get deeper and deeper into the mess."

Mahie Gill doesn't deny that she is playing the character of Maria Susairaj. "But we've changed the
character quite a bit. Maria was from Bangalore.

But my character is a Punjabi girl. We have shown how one moment of weakness and untruth actually destroyed her life and made her commit that murder," added the director.

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