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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aamir Khan gifts Kiran Rao a BMW 5

One will say that you are blessed to have a perfectionist hubby. But Kiran Rao is even more blessed, since her hubby is amongst the ones who gift their wives with expensive gifts! After the success of his wife’s debut venture DHOBI GHAT, Aamir has decided to gift her with a BMW 5 series car. Now ain’t Kiran one lucky wife!

Despite being an art film, DHOBI GHAT earned a good collection at the box office. The movie is made on a budget of Rupees five crore, and so far has earned Rs. 9.25 crore in its first weekend itself. That would make it clear; the film is doing well and earning a huge profit.

So to appreciate his wife’s success and endeavour, Aamir gifted Kiran with a silver grey BMW 5 series. Both Kiran and Aamir are in Berlin, as Aamir is one of the jury members of the Berlin Film Festival. Kiran was in for a total surprise, and by no means saw this coming her way! She was more than happy when the keys of the car where handed over to her, and obviously loved the stylish car.

The DVDs of the film are in a huge demand too, especially in Berlin. As per reports, Aamir’s office in Mumbai is getting many orders for the DVD. That just shows the popularity of the film.

Kiran is not the first one to get this lovely gift. Previously, Aamir had gifted his nephew Imran Khan a navy blue version of the same model after his good act in his debut JAANE TU…JAANE NA.

Aamir surely knows to motivate his folks!

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