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Monday, February 21, 2011

Kashmira goes topless for a calendar

After trying hard to save her relationship with boyfriend and live-in partner Krushna Abhishek on a reality show, siren Kashmera Shah will now go topless for an exclusive calendar to be launched in the first week of March.

The calendar, which focuses only on Kashmera, is produced by Third Rock Entertainment. The actress is extremely excited about the calendar.

She says, “Yes, I have gone topless in one of the pictures for the calendar named Kashessentual.

People will be shocked when they see the pictures and how far I’ve gone.

I have always believed in doing things that are out of the box and this calendar is pushing the envelope.

I am not being pompous but it will be something which will now be a benchmark for anyone who thinks of doing a calendar.

Every guy will have the calendar in his bathroom.”

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