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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Police intervenes in Shahid’s birthday party

Police played spoilsport at actor Shahid Kapoor’s 30th birthday bash on 25th February. The ‘Kaminey’ star who was celebrating his special day with close friends had to call off his bash abruptly after complaints were lodged by the local residents over loud music and noise that was being created at Olive club, a pub in Mumbai.

The media was quick to reach the spot and the Police followed. The event organisers have been held responsible for not abiding by the rules set for late night parties and events. However, no one has been arrested.

But Sasha would not have wanted things to get so ugly on his big day, especially when his ladylove Priyanka Chopra was not by his side. But a sport that he is, Shahid was cool and composed even amidst the chaos.

Nevertheless, all is well that ends well. Are we right Shahid?

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