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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Proof: Katrina, Ranbir dating!

Kat has been cribbing how the press goes on and on about her relationship with Ranbir without any photographic evidence. So we did the needful

On Monday, we read in a section of the media that she is genuinely tired of news reports of her proximity to Ranbir Kapoor and she says the reports are even more disturbing because no one really has any photographic evidence of them together.

As soon as we read this, we sent our sleuths scouting for the evidence, which Katrina so categorically wished to be presented.

Well, here it is, Katrina! A few days ago you were with Ranbir at a 5-star hotel in Santacruz East.

You were seated to his right.

Both of you looked rather happy in each other's company (For reference to context, see Picture 1).

A few days prior to this, you were again with him having coffee and cold drinks.

Both of you again looked very happy in each other's company. (For reference to context, see Picture 2).

To add to our practicals we had told you that you spent quality time with Ranbir at a Juhu nightspot (Mumbai Mirror, January 31).

We had an eyewitness report, which we are sure you read. Over to you now, Katz.

Have we mirrored your relationship well enough? And please don't bring out that old toy called 'We're just good friends'.

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