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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Salman is never ready!

Salman Khan is much ‘wanted’ in the mornings on the sets of Ready. But the superstar, with his late nights, can’t turn up on the sets before noon

Believe it or not but Salman Khan needs seven men to wake him up and get him 'ready', while shooting for a film by the same name.

In Bangkok, the team of Aneez Bazmee's Ready has been trying innumerable ways to get Sallu to reach the sets at 9 am, but to no avail.

Though they have been shooting there not for too long, they are already exhausted with the actor's tantrums.

Asin stars opposite Salman in the film. According to our source, while all the other actors and she are up and ready to shoot every day, Sallu just refuses to wake up.

As a result, he reports three hours late on the sets and the cameras don't start rolling before noon.

The unit continues to bear it all silently. "Salman se kaun panga lega?" says the source. They fear the actor quite a lot, we hear.

A group of seven to eight people, they are petrified of waking him up in the mornings. "Waise call time 9 am ka hota hai, but every day, adjustments have to be made since Salman doesn't want to shoot early morning," says a source.

Why? Revealing what Salman tells the unit our source says, "He tells us, 'Please don't make me shoot in the mornings. I shot for Main Aur Mrs Khanna mostly in the mornings and it bombed very badly'."

Wonder if all the Veer shoots were morning ones as well... You wonder if there is a possibility of keeping morning shoots only for the scenes that don't have him. "Well, let's not even go there. He is almost in every scene in Ready," says the source.

In one of his interviews, Salman had once said, "Actually I don't get too much of sleep at night, so normally I go to sleep very late.

Adds the source, "That's still happening. This man is wide-awake till 2 am every day, irrespective of whether he has had a hard day at work or not."

While the problem still persists, it seems Sallu has tried to mend his ways. "Pehle woh 2 pm ke pehle set pe nahin aata tha. Ever since Wanted happened, he tries not to come that late."

But if Wanted moved the clock from 2 back to 12, Dabangg should have done better. Something doesn't quite add up, Sallu...

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