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Friday, February 18, 2011

Veena, Rakhi to fight it out in 'Bigg Toss'!

Switch channels for some cricket-related fireworks and you will stumble into Bigg Toss, a spoof on Bigg Boss on a Hindi news channel.

The show will have around 14 house guests like Rakhi Sawant, Pakistani actor and Bigg Boss sensation Veena Malik, Delhi-based RJ Simran Kohli and hair stylist Sylvie.

Divided into two teams, they will “play” for the big prize — a car worth around Rs 15- 20 lakh.

“We will be given some cricket-related tasks to carry out. The funniest bit is that none of us knows anything about cricket,” says Kohli.

Malik, however, says that she has reason to be confident: “I have been taken on this show because everybody knows that I have very good connections in cricket.”

The show will be aired from today and continue throughout the World Cup. Let the Bigg Fight begin.

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