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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Priyanka-Shahid: Split AGAIN!

Friends say this time there's no going back. Ah well, we've heard that one before

Who: Star-crossed lovers Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have added yet another break up to their constant on-off two year relationship.

When: It happened almost two weeks ago. When the couple got into a huge argument and decided to part ways. 

What happened? It was too good to last? Shaks and PC for the first time in their relationship, were close to going 'official.' Their appearance on Koffee With Karan, was the first step in that direction.

But soon after they took several steps backwards. Always a volatile couple, their fight and arguments multiplied of-late.

The last time, it was he, who called it quits, this time it was Pranks who decided she'd had enough. A source close to the duo spills the beans, "The biggest problem between them was lack of communication.

As it is things were bad, with Shahid shooting non-stop for his dad's film. He gets completely involved with his work, and forgets everything else.

Which isn't easy for any girlfriend to deal with, and it held to a lot of squabbles. What made is worse was that after every fight, he would go into a shell and refuse to talk about things.

She would try and reach out, but he would put her on ignore alert, blocking her out completely."
Finally... After their last fight he decided to end to their lovestory without even letting her know. The insider adds, "Things got really bitter.. He stopped taking her calls. It was extremely frustrating for her.

She even landed up at his doorstep but was turned away. He's asked his help to tell her that he wasn't at home.

That was the ultimate humiliation." Also their values and basic morals were constantly clashing. While Priyanka is a non-vegetarian, Shahid is a true blue vegetarian.

He trying to pressure her to follow his life style and dabble with spirituality. But she is too much of party girl to adapt to his ways. 

Birthday Bash: It is now being speculated if she will attend Shahid's birthday party on Friday. He's invited everyone and wants to make it a grand affair. But PC has taken off to New York with friends. Right in time to coincide with his bash.

The common friend adds, "Staying away from the country gives a good alibi not to attend his party. She's having a good time on her own and trying to keep her chin up."

PC even attended Lady Gaga's Madison Square Garden concert in NY with some close friends. The chances of her flying down to attend his party are rare. 

Is it final? While friends say its very unlikely they might patch up, going by their history maybe it's too early for them to sing the blues.

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