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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silk Smitha's ex blasts 'Dirty Picture'

Vinu Chakravarthy, former boyfriend of Silk Smitha is a Tamil actor, writer and director and has questioned the biopic being made on the late actress by Ekta Kapoor, says a media report.

In an interview, Vinu lashed out at Ekta Kapoor for making the biopic titled Dirty Picture.

“It was I who created the phenomenon of Silk Smitha through my film Vandi Chakram way back in 1980.

"I wrote the script in 1976 and chiseled the character ‘Silk’ for almost three years before we took off in 1979.

"Smitha, aka Vijayalakshmi, assumed the name Silk subsequently, as her character in the movie became so popular. ‘Silk’ is my creation and anyone who makes a film on her should take permission from me.

"I want to go through the script or else I will raise an objection when they apply to the Censor Board.

"This is because it is my genuine concern that Silk Smitha should not be projected in a demeaning way. I would gladly work for free if they approached me.”

Vinu also feels that Vidya Balan is unsuited to play the lead role in Dirty Picture.

According to him, “Vidya has a sad face and the main attractiveness of Smitha lay in her large, inviting eyes. This is missing in Vidya. Deepika or Aishwarya would be better.”

Ekta Kapoor is firing on all cylinders at Vinu.

“Vinu is talking rubbish. To begin with, how can he cast aspersions on my casting? Vidya is such a fine actress. Has he seen how broad her range of emotion is on screen?

"And Vidya certainly doesn’t have a sad face. I don’t know how Vinu looks, but there’s an age-old saying ‘peele ko peela dikhta hai’. Besides, silk was made by worms, not Vinu’”

Ekta also invokes how actresses go to great lengths to become a part when justifying her decision.

“Casting is not about selecting people who resemble certain characters in physical appearance. Today Indian cinema has changed completely.

"It’s all about being on screen what you are not in real life. Does Vinu know that the sexy actress and fashion model Charlize Theron had a stunning physical transformation when she played a serial killer in Monster (2003), a performance that won several awards? Who is this Vinu to object? Who is he to decide?

"If he was Silk Smitha’s blood relative, I can understand. It’s a very bad case of hallucinations. I am definitely not showing him the script. I know what I am doing. And I certainly don’t need to appoint Vinu on my film. I don’t need his services, free or otherwise.”

Ekta says she is ready to face Vinu's legal suit. “Bring it on, Mr Vinu. I am ready to fight you in court. And this time, I myself shall be present in court,” she concluded.

Ekta’s brother Tusshar Kapoor will have some smooching and lovemaking scenes with Vidya Balan in the film.

This will be the first time in his 10-year-old career that Tusshar will indulge in intimate scenes on screen.

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