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Monday, February 21, 2011

Jacqueline taking lessons in Bikini

For actresses to ooze oomph on screen, it often is a result of some sweat, observation and of course considerable passion.

Learning it the hard way is bollywood's newbie Jacqueline Fernandez who is only a few films old. The babe is taking lessons in bikini oomph from none other than the sizzling sensation Mallika Sherawat.

According to reliable sources, Jacqueline is watching Mallika's act in MURDER quite closely and observing the passionate nuances that made Mallika the queen of sizzle. Adds the source, 'Jacqueline is in a tough situation. Though her sexiness cannot be disputed, but the actress is anxious how to look her best on screen in her upcoming film MURDER 2 which will inevitably draw comparisons between her and

So, to make the best of this act, Jacqueline is working hard on upping her sex-quotient. With Emraan Hashmi to give her cozy company, let's hope it's not a tough act for the imported babe to sizzle like Mallika.

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