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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preity's identity crisis

Who refused to recognise her at a wedding in Delhi?

Preity Zinta doesn't really look like Preity Zinta, at least according to a 16-year-old the star met at a recent party. It all happened at a wedding in Delhi.

Preity posted on her Twitter page, "Ended up at a wedding party with some friends... Love the farm houses & space in delhi! 1 16year old boy kept coming up to me & saying...OMG! U look so much like Pz! Can u imagine if she was here? After 10 minutes I told him it was me & he laughed... U WISH ! Haha ! Ting!"

Knowing PZ, she had a good laugh about it! Can't imagine all our stars taking something like this well!

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