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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is Rani Mukerji the new MD of Yash Raj Films?

Bollywood’s latest blue-eyed boy Ranveer Singh might have won millions of heart with his happy-go-lucky Delhi-boy act in ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ but the actor is quite an amateur when it comes to improvisation.

Apparently, while shooting for an episode with Anushka Sharma on KJo`s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’, Ranveer accidentally referred to Rani Mukerji as ‘MD’ of YRF without taking her name.

It seems Ranveer forgot that he has a three-film contract with Yash Raj Films. Talking to a daily, a source said, “The conversation on the show was between KJo and Anushka Sharma and Karan asked Anushka if she thought she could act better than all other actresses in the industry. Anushka said, `Yes, barring one.` Before she could say who, Ranveer, who had been silent, blurted out the question, ‘MD?’ and before anyone else, KJo said, `Oh, let`s not go that path`.”

Interestingly, industry believes that Rani is the one calling shots at YRF, something which Ranveer accidentally confirmed.
Though Anushka said that she was referring to Kareena Kapoor, the cat was finally out of the bag.

“It is known that ever since Rani has been dating Adi, the head honcho of YRF Films, she is one of the most feared people in Yash Raj Studios. She is believed to be one of the key decision makers in the YRF camp. Ranveer might have referred to Rani, hoping Anushka would name her and in turn impress Adi,” added the source.

Hey Ranveer, it’s time to learn some off-screen acting skills!

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