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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anushka denies giving out stories on Ranveer

Anushka Sharma is actually Bollywood's flavour of the season. This Aditya Chopra discovery managed to wow both the critics and the janta with her superlative act as the Janakpuri girl in Band Baaja Baaraat.

Secure in the knowledge that she will win notices; no matter what the fate of her film is, the svelte actress says, "I'm an ambitious person but I'm not a part of the rat race. I'm still finding my feet in the Hindi film industry. I have been lucky enough to get Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with Shah Rukh Khan, Badmaash Company with Shahid Kapoor and of course, BBB. It sounds cliched but I don't really care if I'm tenth or hundredth in the ranking. The audience and industry apprecition for my work is all that matters. I'm my own competition because I'm becoming better with every film. But then, so are the others."

Personally, she's a confident, chilled-out girl but Anushka is aware that in this dog-eat-dog atmosphere, actresses do plant stories to put down a particular hottie, especially if the girl is fast gaining popularity, like she is. "I can never do something like that for publicity," she shrugs. "And I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I think even other actresses are a victim of some over-imaginative media sorts who thrive on controversies. In my case, I never gave out stories on Ranveer Singh, but it made its way to the media. Someone must have had an agenda. I have seen the girls in our industry and they all come from very respectable families. I don't know of anyone who might want to be a part of mud-slinging campaigns," she says.

Refusing to pander to the curiosity on her equation with Ranveer, Anushka continues, "It's my life. I should be the person in control of it. Ranveer and I have a great bond. When there is something to say I will; I don't want our equation to become a tamasha. I have seen my colleagues go through a tough time. Whether they admit to anything or not, their personal lives are dissected." This gold fish has no hiding place but she is not about to buckle under constant media scrutiny. Says the spunky Shruti of BBB, "Just because people are writing about my life, that doesn't mean that I would change the way I live." Way to go girl.

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