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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shilpa's take on inviting Akshay

 Asks a defiant Shilpa Shetty Kundra when asked why neighbour and ex Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle weren't invited to their bash

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is irritated with queries of why ex Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle were not invited to her house warming party on November 5.

The actress invited the who's who of the film industry to her Juhu bungalow for a casino-style party on Diwali.
he Kumars, who live a 100 yards away from her house, had their own party a day before her party, and the Kundras were not invited to that.

The actress asks, "People keep asking me why I don't invite Akshay and Twinkle to my parties, but I would like to ask why they don't invite Raj and me to theirs?

They had a Diwali party a day ahead of me but no one asked them why they didn't invite Raj and me. Why should I invite them to our home, then? It's not as if I want them to invite us.

Akshay and I have moved on with our respective partners and there's nothing in common between us anymore."  To be fair, unlike Shilpa's bash, AK's bash was a private party with select guests.

Not in close circle

Shilpa says, "I invite people who are close to me and he doesn't feature in my circle of close friends anymore. Why is my guest list always paid so much attention to?

Friends are people we have a relationship with even if it means socially and Akshay and I have none whatsoever. They are nice people and I wish them well."

She makes it clear that they are not friends anymore but wishes him well, "He's a wonderful man and I can say for sure that he is very happy for me as I am for him with our respective partners.
We have our respective lives, so I request people to stop thinking so much about this, because I am too busy immersed in my life to think of such inconsequential things.

I recently inaugurated another spa,and I am busy with that and my other work."

Friends with the sis

Interestingly, even after her break up with the Khiladi, Shilpa has remained close to his sister Alka.

The star's sister was invited to Kundra's bash, and she partied there till the wee hours. Says Shilpa, "I did invite Akshay's sister whom I am very close to and she came to the party.

Alka and I have always remained close and stayed in touch. Our friendship has remained unchanged over the years."

According to the buzz, Raj doesn't want his biwi to be associated with her past and apparently during his baraat last year, he'd given strict instructions to the bandwallas not to play any songs from the actor's films.
Shilpa laughs, "Raj is much too classy to ever do something like that! Why should he mind? He isn't the sort to behave in a crass or weird way. He's too secure and confident as a person."

Breaking the Ice
Says a source, "Until recently Twinkle and Shilpa wouldn't talk to each other at social events - not even greet each other.

But now after her wedding, when they met each other at Maheep Kapoor's jewellery launch, the star wife broke the ice by congratulating the actress on her wedding.

Thereafter Akki's past and present came face-to-face at designer Shabina Khan's birthday a month ago and they exchanged hellos." 

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