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Monday, February 7, 2011

Allu Arjun suffering from Cancer?

Stylish star Allu Arjun is reported to be suffering from Bone Marrow cancer. This news has been leaked on the facebook, which is a social networking site. Probing into these details, Allu Arjun is said to be suffering from Bone marrow cancer, from the past two years. But since, it is in initial stages, he is undergoing treatment and will recover for sure.

There is news that the actor is suffering from Bone Marrow cancer, due to the intake of steroids and hormones, during the making of his “ Desamuduru”. In order to get a six pack body, Allu Arjun consumed some unnecessary hormones and now, he is suffering from cancer, which is a dangerous side affect, caused by those steroids.

It is a fact that Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, during the making of his “ Dasara Bullodu”

Faced similar situation and underwent through a rigorous treatment, in a foreign country. Since the actor was in initial stages of Bone marrow cancer, it was treated and was cured from its roots.

There is news that Allu Arjun knew about this almost 18 months ago. During the making of “ Varudu” last year, he underwent through a special treatment for a span of fortnight, in an undisclosed foreign country.

Now, the stylish star is on a recovering spree and his family members hope that this serious illness will soon heal. For this reason, he visited a Dargha on RP Road, secunderabad, during the release of “ Varudu”. But the media was answered that he was praying for his movie success and were kept ignorant about his illness.

May be this suffering of his, is due to his father Allu Arvind’s ill deeds.

But let’s hope that this young actor recovers fully and will be back in business as earlu as possible.

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