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Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Deepika done with Siddharth?

Her surprising comment about the 'right man' revealed

Deepika Padukone might be spotted with Siddharth Mallya at just about every party, but she still won't admit that he's the right man for her. In fact, the star says coolly that she is still looking for the right man to marry!

"I haven't thought of marriage. I still have to find the right man to even consider marriage," Deepika said at Imran Khan and Avantika's wedding reception on February 5 which she attended with Sidhharth.

Some months after her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika started being spotted with Siddharth, who's the son of industrialist Vijay Mallya. Though DP has never openly admitted that they are seeing each other, they seem quite inseparable at several B'wood parties, which they tend to attend together.

When reporters asked Siddharth about their relationship, he refused to commit to an answer about Deepika either, saying: "I have planned nothing as yet. You should ask her."

Talking about his and Deepika's relationship, he said: "I was out of the country when I heard of it, it made me laugh."

Deepika didn't say much more about Siddharth, we're guessing she's just playing ultra-cool after what she went through with Ranbir. But she was more than willing to talk about Imran, her co-star in 'Break Ke Baad'. She said it was a must for her to attend his wedding reception.

"I owe it to Imran. I was shooting in Bhopal and just landed in Mumbai. I got here straight from the airport to attend the reception," she said.

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